Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday - Surely we need a little treat to celebrate a Leap Year

Hi Lovelies,

I am irrationally moody today! Anybody who knows me knows that I just don't DO moody, but I can't help it and worse, I just can't shake it off.
I am slightly cheered by the fact that a few friends feel exactly the same just now - maybe there is something in the air!!

So, and I know its a cliche, but I just don't care! There is only one way to get rid of a feeling like this .........

You know it - Shopping.....

Zara and me got very well acquainted earlier (although don't even get me started on a delivery charge of £10!) BUT it wasn't enough!! I still felt teary and rubbish, and incomplete! Maybe I just wasn't trying hard enough ......... hmmmm, maybe Topshop could assist.

So I went and picked up the weekly glossies so that the lovely Maria and I could make style notes tonight of anything that catches our eye (it is the equivalent of when you were little and chose lots of things from your Mums catalogue - you must have done that right!!??? - except now you can actually have them!!!)

So I popped the kettle on in readiness of a lovely flick through. Except that the glossies are nowhere to be found ......... My dippy Mum not only took last weeks magazines home with her, she took my lovely new untouched ones too ....... This would normally give me a fit of the giggles, not today - Nope, today it is a conspiracy against me!

Sooo, I had to go out and buy them all again ....... I am going to stop moaning now I promise!

Hopefully, the second batch of Magazines will help to focus the mind. I have compiled a March list of pieces that I really want to come home with me and live in my wardrobe, and I will blog anything that catches my eye in the mags here tomorrow.

It is no secret that I am craving a Celine Mini Luggage bag.

So I contacted Matches today, sadly, the only two they have left in the UK at present are these

But the one I want is THIS!!! So the above two just do not compare!!!

Anyway, wanting the above bag makes it very easy to decide on other items that I really want just now - I am conveniently neglecting the fact that I do not own the bag yet!

Jools wish-list

Lace Dress by Darling £75

Candy Stripe Jeans - River Island £40

I love the shape of this parachute dress that I snapped in All Saints last week

Allana Dress - All Saints £120

and I am in love these bonkers boots I tried on!

Starship Boots - Red or Dead £100

Acne Racer Back Silk Dress £190

And I am really liking the jeans with the darker panel stripes on them - Super Flattering!
J Brand Denim Empress Nikko Jeans £290

Big hugs to everybody. I will be back to normal tomorrow I am sure, and will reveal what I have been purchasing if you ask nicely!

Thanks for reading 

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Anonymous said...

Glad I am not the only one, I have been feeling blah I need some retail therapy xxx Nicole

Anonymous said...

Me too it was stroppy Tuesday here.

Jools said...

And Nic, today doesn't actually count as a real day, so surely any purchases made today wouldn't count!!! ;)

Jools said...

Its bad isn't it. We need to make it a good Wednesday :D