Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday - Cute Deliveries, Chocolate and Chinese Food ..............

Hi Lovelies,

I cannot wait for this week to end, I keep hearing the song 'Stupidly Happy' all the time at the moment and I couldn't be further from it!

The Topshop order came first thing this morning. The Tall China dress works a dream as it is still actually quite short (in reality if you ARE tall, it wouldn't even cover your bottom!), but it is really cute, AND has pockets which are my favourite feature just now! Excuse the rubbish picture, it was very early, but you get the idea.

The little beaded shell top is also very cute. I will show you very soon.

Thanks to my brother for coming round tonight with Chinese food, it was much appreciated.

We definitely need a SOD tonight.

New song by Usher is called Climax. It's really good, and definitely worth a listen :) x

Please excuse the short blog tonight xxx

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Lorien said...

That dress looks great on you - the colour really compliments your hair colour, and skin tone. Looks like a fun dress for summer day time drinks in the sun x