Friday, 25 May 2012

Jools has some exciting news for you

Jools is launching an online Personal Shopping Service!!!

Hello Lovelies,

I am very, very excited to tell you about a new personal shopping service that I am going to be offering.

For regular readers of my blog, you will know how much I love to help others with outfit dilemma's and style questions and how obsessive I am each week about new pieces that are coming into store.

Well in the next few days I will be launching a website where for just a tiny £10 fee I will find you up to 5 perfect outfits that have been personally selected just for you.

Perhaps you have a Wedding to attend, a party to go to or you just need some assistance in what is current AND more importantly that is going to work for you and your lifestyle? Well I am now officially your go-to gal!

Think of me as your new twinkly Shopping Fairy. Fairy dust is optional!

Relax and let me do the searching for you.

I spend far too much time looking at what is available now, what is coming into stores shortly and especially what is going to be huge next season. I know what I am talking about and you can now have access to all of my experience. I will find you pieces that you will adore that perhaps you may not have thought about trying yourself.

This is not just for the lucky few who can afford the designer collections (although of course I will be delighted to find you those!), but I will specialise in finding High Street pieces for girls and guys who work long hours and cannot get to the High Street regularly to see what is new, or for any of you that feel like you are stuck in a style rut and could use some help in trying something different. I can assist with pretty much any fashion quandary you can throw at me. We all need a fresh pair of eyes sometimes!

£10 to save you from stressing over what outfit to wear or how you are going to find the time to look for something specific has got to be a solution to consider - right? and because I have no affiliation to any particular store I am completely impartial as to what I can recommend for you.

I have a lot of experience in helping to style people and now I am going to offer it to you.

A form is being created as you read this. But in a nutshell, all I will require is what your budget is, what the event is and any parts of your body that you would love to enhance and/or minimise, and up to 5 outfits including of course links of where you can purchase them, will magically appear in your inbox!

Any promotions or special offers that are sent to me (and trust me I get a lot) will also be shared with you, so my fee could well become zero! - using Jools Personal Shopping Service may even save you money!*

I take fashion very seriously so I hope you think it is a really reasonable fee for some honest stylist assistance without having to traipse the high street yourself!

I would love to hear your thoughts, and hope that you will give me a try.  Please, please tell your friends too, and retweet this blog link!

Please email me at if you would like more details.

At present, I will be accepting Paypal and payment directly into my bank account, and will then look to be using a checkout facility longer term.

*Special Offers or discount codes obviously cannot be guaranteed, but whenever promotions are offered to me, they will be passed along to you.


Michelle said...

Jools what a fabulous idea. I know you will be a huge success. Do you post internationally? Good luck doll. Let me know when the website is up.!

Jools said...

For you darling I can send stuff of course ;) !!! x