Monday, 25 June 2012

Memories of where Jools Jacket Obsession began .....

Hi Lovelies,

I can pinpoint the moment my Jacket obsession started.

It was 1985 and Desperately Seeking Susan had just been released.

To say I was obsessed with Madonna would be an understatement. She was EVERYTHING I wanted to be at the time, and everybody else I knew thought so too!

A boyfriend threw my cassette tape out of the window of a moving car as he just couldn't bear to listen to her songs one more time!

I bought the black rubber bands, the studded belts that you could strap around your waist at least twice, the coloured net ribbons to go in my hair and the lace mid length leggings (footless tights worked well too!) with the cropped tube skirt over them - folded over at the top of course. and the lace gloves !

But what I wanted, almost as much as a Pony back then was THE jacket!!

I used to dream about THE jacket all the time! It wasn't actually leather, it was like a glittery lame jacket  that was embellished at the back with the Pyramid and had the printed lapel at the front. My life surely would be perfect if only I could have a jacket and studded boots like Madonna!!

My sister and I used to trawl the markets. We both got a biker jacket and thought we were the luckiest girls EVER!!! Mine was black and hers was brown - It wasn't 'quite" Madonna but it was a big deal in the late 80's!!

Before that, I had never given so much as a thought to jackets. We had our school blazers of course, and a big raincoat to wear over them, but after this movie - Jackets seemed really chic and grown up and most importantly of all - they seemed soooo cool!

Well since then, a leather jacket has ALWAYS featured in my wardrobe. I don't care that I am 40 now (yesk ok, and a tiny bit!), I just know that they feel 'right" for me. I love them with jeans and converse, I love them with day dresses, and I REALLY love them for wearing over an evening dress because it is unexpected. I put on my jacket and I feel neither under dressed or over dressed, and the more you wear them, the better they seem to get - they are one of the few things in your wardrobe that you do not need to baby or be precious with.

Last year, I found a really good one. It was designed by Sunday Girl, and it was a little different because it had gold hardware as opposed to the usual silver, and it also had little fluttery leather shoulders - it is a dream of a jacket and I wear it far too often! You will have seen it in my blog quite a few times!

Well last week, Elli found one in Zara and my heart started to pound - this is why I love fashion so very much - It took me right back to 1985 when everything was possible - and I knew I had to have it.

I am a sadist to myself sometimes. If I really want something, I don't want to buy it there and then! I want that pain of waiting for it, just for a tiny amount of time - as how can I love it forever if it comes easily? ............. Don't panic readers, I never allow myself to wallow for long, but I want to always appreciate the things that I am lucky enough to own.

So yesterday, after my mega walk in Windsor, I had a little peek in their Zara to see if they also had it.

oh Yes they did!!!

Zara Leather and Gold Studded Jacket £170

I introduced it to my other one, they are getting along fine. The Zara leather
is much thinner, so it is perfect to wear now!

 Today the sun came out, so as you can see from the jacket piccies above Jools Wore a floral Sundress from Asos. It is the first time it has come out, and its really easy to wear. Zipped at the back with a nude top panel.

I wore it with some New Look Wedges

PC told me that the he liked it but that the pattern reminded him of a 70's Camper Van (hmmm thanks Babe!)

'Oh , you don't know what you are taking about' I told him, except that I then googled VW Camper Van Curtains, and these came up!

OK, he may have a point ...... Oh well, I still love it

oh and the ASOS sale has started today!!

Because today is very much baring my soul and showing you jacket's day, the Topshop Blazer arrived too!

 Topshop Crepe Longline Blazer £65

Thanks for reading xx

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Anonymous said...

Love your jacket story - Madonna was never my thing but we all LOVED the movie at the time. The Zara jacket looks great on you. Margareta x

victoriarhodes1 said...

Love the blog Babe, I too share your love of 'That' jacket Madonna wore, I bought an original 80,s biker jacket last month on evilbay, its soooo cool ;)
LOVE the new Zara addition, rock & roll Babe xx

Michelle said...

God i love that jacket. I need to get me one!!! I'm fixated on leather jackets, and still covet the Balenciaga one I saw in Selfridges in 2010. So wish I had bought it. Evening doll.

Jools said...

You soooo need a Zara over there babe. You would single handedly keep them going heheeee :) xxx

Jools said...

Awww Thanks M :) xxx