Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Soooooo glad it is Wine Wednesday!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Hope your week is going ok so far. I had a lovely day in Windsor yesterday walking in the sunshine and making the most of the girls last days off before school starts again tomorrow.

I had a little bit of a disaster today! I had to glue a school badge onto Mia's new Blazer. No problem - how hard can that be - right???

Well we glued it in place, lay it on the table and placed a heavy hardback book on top of the badge to secure it in place so that it dried flat.

An hour later, I went to check on it - feeling nicely smug lol that everything was now sorted for tomorrow. Well it had stuck fast to the table! The glue had gone through the front of the pocket, the lining, and the back of the blazer and stuck to the cream dining table. The blazer is now covered in white glue and the cream paint from the table - and the table has a bald patch - bloody nightmare!

Two lattes later and we have calmed down, and I am most definitely in need of a glass of vino this evening. Im going for red.

I saw some gorgeous pieces yesterday in the shops so I had to share them with you.

I tried this Studio dress on from Zara

It is beautiful - super stretchy so it is very fitted, with slightly padded shoulders
I was so tempted but it is totally suited for an office look really so I resisted - just (I may still go back for it!) On me it was well below the knee so a nice length.

Olive Green Studio Dress - Zara £49.99

and this is absolutely gorgeous in real life

Zara Embroidered Blouse £29.99

The detailing is gorgeous. I would have snapped this up but everybody
else had beaten me to it as they only had an XL left sadly so I am going to try another store

Online this gorgeous dress is sold out, so I am hoping one of the larger Zara
stores will have this too - I love the cut and the neck detailing.

I was a little bit naughty in Topshop and bought a couple of pairs of Boots for winter.

I adore this pair - the Heel is completely Miu Miu inspired and they are so easy to wear - I so want to wear them right now!


GRAPHIC Black Suede Curve Heel Shoe Boots £60 Topshop

and these studded boots keep selling out so I was happy to get the last pair in my size
I went for the black version

Adios2 Studded Western Boots - £70 - Topshop

So I was very happy with my new purchases.
Today Jools Wore her Chanel Sunglasses - long may this
glorious weather continue - with a nude pleated top with a peterpan collar & skinny jeans

I am meeting my friend for lunch tomorrow - she only got back from Cyprus yesterday so she is as tanned as can be - so tonights plan is to St Tropez like my life depends on it heheheeee.

Have a fabulous evening and feel free to join me in a glass of Vino!!

Thanks for reading x

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