Saturday, 8 September 2012

Super Sunny Saturday

Hi Lovelies,

Gosh what a beautiful day it has been today. September is being very kind to us so far. I would love to hear how you spent your day in the sunshine.

Well yesterday was really brilliant. Central London was very, very quiet as it was an early appointment and it was a pleasure to get around. The fitting went fabulously too - so it is getting very exciting now.

Gosh I would LOVE to work in a Bridal Store - I kinda want to make it happen!

In Knightsbridge I spied a young guy wearing jeans and carrying a huge
jade green Hermes Birkin Bag - only in London huh .......

And after returning from a fabulous day, we stopped at Kew Village for a late lunch
outside in the sunshine - very quaint.

and then it was out for dinner in the evening - so Jools had a pretty busy Friday.

I was excited to try the new Louise Grey for Topshop Makeup

So a night out was a great excuse to give it a whirl

Louise Grey for Topshop Vibrant Pink Lipstick called Legend £10

It looks a little brighter in real life than it did in this daytime piccie

Jools wore this dress from Zara for a night of cocktails!

I felt a little bit merry and quite tired by the end of the evening!

Well after a lovely alcohol induced sleep we rode our bikes down to the coffee shop this morning for tea and then it was time for our Gym Introduction ........

Now, don't tell anybody but I actually really enjoyed it!

and finally my Stella McCartney for Adidas yoga bag got an outing
(I have had it since Christmas so it was well overdue!)

Now, you know I check out the fashion wherever I am and it was very interesting that at the gym
every single girl bar none choose to wear black! Is this because it doesnt show the sweat lol or is
it for its universally flattering colour? Hmm I will keep you posted on any cool gym looks that I see!

I played it safe with these Adidas Capri style ones and my running shoes!

and then it was a walk with the dogs this afternoon - WHAT is happening to me !!!!

Thanks for reading x

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