Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The only thing nicer than a beautiful designer dress? One at 50% off!!!

Hi Lovelies,

I had a lovely day today. Well apart from a completely flat tyre (does this mean I can have a new car or does it not work like that .........................?)

I met my gorgeous friend Clairey for a morning of coffee and catching up, and then we looked around the shops before lunch and cocktails - which feel very decadent in the afternoon! Well, it still feels like the holidays until the girls go back!!

Grey Goose Pretty in Pink Cocktails at Browns

Not only is she a pretty face - she makes the best cupcakes in Surrey!
You can follow the Muffin Minx HERE!!!!!!

The only item of clothing I really wanted from the winter sale was a Mulberry Tea Dress

Now I love Tea, I Love Dresses, and I love Mulberry heheheee, so put them together and it becomes the best thing ever!
There is just something that is so romantic about a Tea Dress - they are a gorgeous day time look and the vintage feel is so pretty.

I have wanted this beautiful dress since it was pictured on Kiera Knightly and every
time I visited the Knightsbridge store I would stroke it.

So when it went immediately into the sale at 50% discount I knew I had to try it
(in reality I wanted the orange tweed skirt, top and dress too, but one has to
show a tiny bit of restraint - right!!!)

Mulberry Floral Tea Dress

I adore all the different patterns on it
and how you can keep it pretty or grunge it up a little

I think I may get mine shortened slightly so that is falls below the knee but not as long as it is now

The sales were not that great in the shops today. Zara had lots of stock, but most items had been reduced by a maximum of £20, so there was not much in the way of bargains.

I did see this cute little skirt online at Topshop that I like........ Pale colours in winter look so fresh when worn with other darker items, and it is a classic shape.

Boutique at Topshop A Line Skirt - was £50, now £15

Thank you for reading xx


ASH said...

I love tea dresses too - lovely quirky print, agree would be good shorter though - just brings home how tall some of these celebs are ! Also really like the look of the Topshop skirt...will have to hunt that out, thanks for the tip off! x

Urban Butterfly said...

That dress is gorgeous. My wardrobe is a staple of Tea dresses, they never fail x

Jools said...

exactly, they are like giraffes!!!! I have ordered one of the skirts to try, so will keep you posted honey :) x

Jools said...

Thankyou doll - I always think of you when I hear the words Tea Dress :) xxxx

Style At Every Age said...

gorgeous dress honey love it on you and love it full stop!