Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A city of Emerald ............ and only 30 seconds to Mars !!!!

Hello Lovelies,

Half way through Half Term, and Bank Holiday Monday was full on!

The girls were happily riding the Roller Coasters at Thorpe Park when Elli got a tweet to say that Jared Leto (his band are 30 seconds to Mars) were going to do a meet and greet an hour from then in London.

Well, they ran from the theme park, caught a bus to the train station and jumped on a train to London - oh to have the enthusiasm of youth! But this was such a big deal for her - she has obsessed about them for 5 years (she has golden tickets to meet them in a couple of weeks at a festival - how typical,  you wait 5 years and two opportunities present themselves at once!)

Well - in what she dubbed the best day of her entire life, they did as promised and met with their fans on a stunning sunny day in Soho Square - and we drove up to meet them and see it all unfold!

They were beautiful - so friendly and patient and generous and made sure everybody got a little bit of time with them, and of course lots of piccies!

Jared Leto - even prettier in real life!!!

Jared's brother Shannon Leto

Tomo (Lead Guitarist) with Mia 

and with Ell's

Hello ...................

and without any exaggeration - literally the moment she has waited so long for!

The Guy seriously does not have a bad side!!!

Net a Porter have done an amazing interview with him for Mr Porter this week.
The pictures are stunning. Well worth a read

You can check the full interview and pictures out

Right, back to reality heeeheee and some fashion!

Mulberry have bought out a delicious collection of Emerald bags and accessories for A/W 2013
and they are starting to become available right now!

This colour is devine!

Small Mulberry Willow has been created in Emerald (sigh!)

This is a seriously beautiful cuff. Ostrich Leather Emerald Cuff £295 Mulberry
I actually need this more than the bag!

Medium Lily in Emerald anyone!

and Mini Del Rey

This colour is just scrumptious isn't it!

For anybody who wants this look now, but without the price tag
ASOS have come to your rescue!

Scallop Detail Satchel Bag - ASOS £22

and, while we are on the subject of Mulberry .............. !

Mulberry Mini Flower Cross body bag in blush
(it is just adorable!!!)

Thanks for reading xx

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