Friday, 26 February 2016

Pay Day Treats …...

Hi Lovelies,

Everywhere I went today, people were in a good mood. And in each place these happy people mentioned that it was payday and that they couldn't wait to treat themselves! The Nail bar was packed, and the hairdressers are full all day today (can you tell I have not had a bad day!) - I think January & February have been really long months for everybody.

So, as it was treat day, I purchased a couple of goodies from Zara.

This jacket was on my hit list as soon as it came into store - it is so very Chanel - and so very cute with the velvet ribbon bow and trim detail. This one should arrive early next week but these are the stock piccies - how lovely does this look!

Tweed Jacket with Bow Detail - Zara £69.99

and I got a pair of Flares to team this jacket with. And with the new leather platform shoes that I blogged about recently I have a whole outfit planned!

Mid Rise Flared Blue Jeans - Zara £29.99

and I fell for this absolutely stunning dress by Dolce & Gabbana this week - it completely sums up Spring & Summer.
But I really didn't fall for the price tag!

Dolce & Gabbana Printed Daisy Silk Chiffon Dress - £2400

Yes - that's right - £2400!
There is absolutely no way I could justify that price

BUT ….. I got a very similar one recently that I absolutely love and is a very similar style

Traffic People Silk Flyaway Dress in Cherry Print £38 on Sale!

So, a very different price point - but just as lovely - and it looks really pretty on.

Thanks for reading x

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