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Sunday - My Top 10 Oscar Dresses Pop Pickers!

Hi Lovely Ones!

It is the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards this evening, which means another great chance to perve at the red carpet and see the beautiful actresses and the even more beautiful dresses on display. I will post lots of pictures from this evenings SAGS for you to see tomorrow.

Of course, the Awards Season is only really gearing up to one Event - The Oscars! Nothing else is as important in LA LA Land. 
It got me thinking this afternoon about my favourite ever Oscar dresses. There are some incredibly beautiful women in Hollywood!  For many years it was all about what Nicole Kidman would be wearing - She was the benchmark for me and I loved it when she wore her heels and towered over Tiny Tom, but then Angelina came along, bagged herself a permanent golden Brad Pitt shaped statue, and now they are Red Carpet Royalty, regardless of how amazing everybody else looks.

I always look out for Salma Hayek, she is just one sexy Lady! She isn't a traditionally stick-thin actress - she has the most incredible curves, and puts a lot of the identikit younger actresses to shame.  Totally ALL woman!

So I have been looking at some archive pictures to find the dresses that I remember thinking at the time - WOW! I hope you like my Top 10, and if you can think of any that were really memorable to you - let me know.

Number 10 on my list is Anne Hathaway. She wore this incredible Armani Prive Dress in 2009. At first glance it just looks like a beautifully ivory coloured column dress on her, but close up, it is covered in hand sewn glittering pailettes - Stunning!

Number 9 for me was a Lily Et Cie Citrus Yellow Gown worn in 2001 by Renee Zellweger. It was a risky choice and I remember seeing a first glimpse of her and thinking - err WHAT are you doing. But the simplicity, shape and colour on her were spot on and I fell in love with this look on her.

Number 8 is Angelina Jolie. She Wore this Marc Bouwer plunging white satin gown in 2004. It is so simple, but works perfectly on her.

Number 7 is Audrey Hepburn. She wore this beautiful Givenchy Dress to the Oscars in 1954 where she was nominated for her role in Roman Holiday. She went on to become the Muse of Hubert de Givenchy.

Number 6 is Julianne Moore wearing Tom Ford for YSL. Nothing is more striking than Emerald Green on a redhead with pale skin. I think she looked beautiful in this creation in 2003.

Number 5 is Salma Hayek. She wowed big time in this incredible aquamarine satin gown by Versace in 2006. 

Number 4 is Halle Berry. Just look at her!!!! She wore this gold beauty in 2003 and it was designed by Ellie Saab. The woman is a goddess!!!

Number 3 is Michelle Williams. A bright colour always brings out the love/hate brigade at the Oscars and Canary yellow is one seriously hard colour to wear. I think she made it onto as many worst dress lists as she did best dressed when she wore this in 2006! But for me, this dress was so of the time, so brave and so right for her that it made my Top 3! It was designed by Vera Wang.

Number 2 - I adored this dress the second I saw it, and I do have a little bit of a girl crush on the very lovely Mila Kunis! She wore this beautiful gown by Ellie Saab Haute Couture in 2011 when she was nominated for her role in Black Swan. On paper, Lavender Lace sounds like a frightful bridesmaids dress - in reality it was one of my favourite dresses ever.

Number 1. It was only ever going to be one dress. It is by Versace and was worn by Penelope Cruz in 2007,. It is the ultimate show-stopping, jaw-dropping gown. It was blush coloured and the gown was adorned with feathers on the skirt, but with a tight fitted corset bodice. A true dreamy dress and the moment I saw it, I knew no other gown would ever compare for me!

I feel very under dressed now having critiqued the above as I have to confess, for most of the day Jools Wore Jeans and Ugg boots (Ssshh don't tell anybody). Maybe I need to slip on some sparkly shoes to watch the SAGS this evening!

I did find a really cute dress today though

Now, it may not be Oscar Worthy, but it is definitely fit for a 50th Wedding Anniversary which is something I need a dress for this month. It is £80 at ASOS.

I am really hoping I love it when it arrives as I really do not have much luck at all with ASOS. On screen the clothes look great, in real life, they are usually really cheap looking and ill fitting, so cross your fingers for me that this dress looks as nice as it does here and I will report back when it arrives!

I think it would look gorgeous with these Louboutins...........

Nude Corneille Louboutin's £385

Until Tomorrow

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

So agree with you over Asos clothes, I hardly buy anything from there for that reason. My youngest buys loads and has not had too many problems but to prove your point my eldest came round yesterday in a cute blouse with buttons all the way up the back. She had to wear a gilet as it kept popping open, button holes too big for the buttons.