Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saturday - and Jools is in the pink ................

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Saturday - I hope you are all having a super chilled-out weekend.

Pooky Pug didn't get the "It's the Weekend" memo this morning and woke me up at 6.45am - this is a great alarm clock on a school day - nowhere near as cute or fun on a Saturday - especially as I stayed up until well after 3am getting my Dexter Fix.......

As such, a PJ morning was in order with a chance to catch up on InStyle Magazine, I did have to have a little laugh at the front cover! Talk about Monthly Magazines being filed too early ........ Ooops!

Famous last words huh ..........

So, that was how our morning was spent - doing very, very little! There are a lot worse ways to spend a Saturday morning, especially as we fitted in a trip to the Coffee Shop for a Latte & Croissant Fix (Thanks Tanya!)

I did make a schoolboy error though and let the girls decide where we went for dinner - they choose TGI's! It wasn't so bad, as there were only two birthday songs (I am using the term song very loosely here) to endure.  A quick question, who in their right mind, and above the age of 12 would choose to go there for their birthday! You have to stand on a chair with a huge hat made from Balloons on your head, praying for the ground to swallow you up - I know, I know - I am digressing ............ !!

So today, Jools Wore the YSL Lipstick in Shade 10

With a black sweater with buttons all the way up the arm from All Saints (you can just about see the detailing in the picture above), and Acne Spin Boots.

The Opi Nail Polish is apparently very hard to get off so I painted my nails pink to match the Lipstick and just used the glitter on the ends. I know I promised I would take piccies good or bad. The Polish is Chanel in Shade 217 (Splendeur)

Picture with Flash 

Picture without Flash

I had to laugh about the Karl Lagerfeld Collar that came from Net-a-Porter. It is a bloody disaster.

I cannot think of anything less worth the money (it makes the 50 pence for 5 minutes parking on Richmond Green look positively Asda priced). It is cheap, badly made (only one hook and eye fastening that makes it sit too high up on the neck, and it is as light as a feather (I seriously thought the box was empty and they had forgotten to pack it) - the embellishment is rubbish too, and it comes in no special Karl packaging, not even a dust-bag ! A total disappointment.

I had to email NAP to let them know that if this had been price pointed at ANY High Street Store it would be at £15 maximum (I am not entirely convinced I would buy it at THAT) - to try and charge £130 for it is just embarrassing, needless to say it is going back. So anybody considering any of the Karl range - save yourself the trouble of having to request a returns number.

My VOD today is totally impractical for this weather, but it is new in at Browns and it made my heart sigh! We can pretend we have fast forwarded a couple of months yes? And I have dressed it down abit with some black !

Confezioni Crosby Nude Cotton Dress - £340 at Browns

Balenciaga Arena Bag in Rose - £945

Rick Owens Jacket £1675

Nicholas Kirkwood Platform Wedges £285 (on sale)

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow

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Curious Emily said...

That Balenciaga bag is absolutely gorgeous! Never occurred to me to get a rose handbag. £945 might be pushing it though...

Also really glad to read a review of Karl's new range, I was considering purchasing when it came out on Weds but so glad now I didn't!

Emily x

Lorien said...

I am loving that lipstick on you, and great nails! Loving the Balenciaga bag too - I really want one of their men's bags; so so so tempted uhm! x

Jools said...

Yes, save your pennies honey, High Street versions really are just as good, if not better in this instance! Do not think many of these are going to go for a large mark up on ebay !!!

Jools said...

Oh you would totally rock a B bag honey! I will enable you further, they get better and better the more you use them .......... ;)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That is a great shade of pink nail polish and good use of the glitter, I did that on a friend for her wedding, she wanted something different so I painted them white and did gold glitter tips. I am a bit of a Chanel nail polish freak and painted mine with Black Pearl yesterday as I haven't used it for ages! Did you manage to watch all the film? I saved the last 45 mins until this morning, just couldn't stay awake. Cried as usual, gets me every time!

Jools said...

Thanks honey, gold glitter tips sounds cute too! Yes I stayed up and watched it - makes you want to go to the bakery at 4am for fresh rolls ....... lol !