Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday - Christian Louboutin - The Sole Survivor?

Hi Lovely ones!

Very Similar Red Soles?

Has anybody been following the Louboutin Court Case?

In a nutshell this week Christian Louboutin (supported by best bud Dione von Furstenberg (as you do) arrived in court for the latest round of his court case against YSL to decide if you CAN patent a colour and call it solely yours (Did you like what I did there!)

Yves Saint Laurent were taken to court by Louboutin for producing a shoe in A/W 2011 that had a red sole.

CL immediately filed a lawsuit against YSL claiming that 20 years of his reputation had been built on the iconic red bottoms of his fabulous shoes and that any designer trying to copy this was contravening his copyright - but can you copyright a colour!!!!

Louboutin's red soles are a colour called China Red, and Louboutin had successfully patented this shade in 2008. YSL question the validity of any designer having a trademark on a colour and the latest hearing was to determine whether or not a designer should be allowed to have a "colour monopoly" and own it.

I am firmly in the CL camp, if you buy a pair of shoes with a fabulous red sole, you are expecting them to be CL, but let me know if you think differently!

In fact,  I feel so strongly about it that I feel a need to purchase a new pair, you know, just to show my support ........... !!

YSL (Left) vs. Louboutin (Right)

Today included a visit to College. A chat about A Level Module 2 Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics is JUST what I needed on a Thursday afternoon that hadn't even included coffee - but not every day can be glamourous I guess - or CAN it ;)

I had a cunning plan on how to be taken seriously as an adult  .................

TA DA.. The Chanel 2.55 came out to play. I Instantly feel more grown up - I feel Chanel should be hired out to students as an incentive - so much nicer than a Happy Meal and a trip to Thorpe Park ......... J'adore (see as soon as I carry it I can speak fluent Chanel ..... ) It really is a miracle bag!

Jools Wore it with Black Blazer by Zara, Jeans and this cute blouse by Miu Miu

So after that, a (large) glass of wine was muchly needed!

My VOD today is this one x

Lace Blouse - Beyond Vintage £178.00

Balenciaga Trousers £365

Louboutin Piou Piou Python Shoes £695

Until tomorrow!

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

I always thought I was in the CL camp to be honest but those YSL shoes are rather lush aren't they!

Anonymous said...

I think YSL were silly to copy the soles, but at least their shoes are stunning and comfortable! Nicole x

Jools said...

They do look lush, McQueen often use a blue sole, its not like they couldn't have used a slightly different colour I guess :D

Jools said...

It is true, I would rather walk a mile in YSL than a Loubie x

Urban Butterfly said...

I hope that you are going to don your news reader glasses and keep us abreast of how the case goes. I adore the Miu Miu blouse and your hair like that is very cute x

Jools said...

oooh does that mean I have permission to buy some cool geeky chanel glasses baby :) xx

Leroy said...

great post x