Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday, I don't care if Monday's Blue, Tuesday's Grey & Wednesday too .....

Hi Lovelies,


It was super cold today but the sun shone and it is now officially the weekend - so there is nothing to not like about this!

It is just me and my girls here this weekend (The Three Musketeers!).
This means that we get to do all the important stuff:  Paint our nails, not eat proper dinners, watch trashy TV (an overdose of Hawaii Five 0 anyone?) and eat copious amounts of Cadburys creme eggs.

So tonight, we have been playing with the OPI Muppet Collection Nail Polishes.

You could say they are phenomenon (Doo Doo Do Do Do)

This colour above is called Rainbow, It would take quite a few coats to make it look like it does in the bottle! But it IS possible! The picture below looks like it is taken on an acrylic nail, but I am going to try it on my own real nails so will take piccies tomorrow (even if it turns out badly I promise!)

The other colour that we have is the metallic Green (It is called the Fresh Frog of Bel Air !!!)

I purchased a pot of eyeliner to try that I have seen advertised quite a lot. I was a little concerned about using a gel pot of liner as it seems scarier than an eyeliner pencil or pen (and I am a little bit clumsy) but the brush that came with it is thin and is easy to use. It is the Maybelline Eye-studio Lasting Gel Liner

What do you think?!

Oh and a Net-a-Porter delivery arrived today so you will have to read my blog tomorrow and I will reveal it then (I know, such a tease!)

My VOD for Friday is this one

Warehouse Bird Print Drop Waist Dress £45

Rick Owens Biker Jacket £3130 !!!!!!!

Louboutin Belle Zeppa Ankle Boots £595

Alexander Wang Rocco Leather Tote £730

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Until Tomorrow! 

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Anonymous said...

Jools you need to be using more Mulberry accessories in your VOD's - we've got to do all we can to keep the share price up!! ;)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Be careful of the Opi glitter polish, the one I have is a bastard to get off! Love the bag in the VOD obviously, because I have one, I still want another one in black though. Enjoy your weekend with the girls, I'm off into town to get young mans hair cut and in the absense of a coffee shop chain, I shall be picking up a Latte from the Boutique Cafe to drink whilst he is having his trim. Crazy how I have been looking forward to a coffee all week, I blame you and the Starbucks runs!

Jools said...

I hear ya lol!!! I did use a Harriet earlier in the week, must try harder ........

Jools said...

I was worried about how hard it would be to remove (I get easily bored with nail colours and like to change them a lot) That is the big problem with glitter isn't it - absolute pain to get off - Love that you are so looking forward to your Latte - and don't go letting him have a mohawk ...... ;)