Sunday, 12 February 2012

Saturday - A list of Valentine DON'Ts

Hi Lovelies,

Well very mixed feelings today!! My very gorgeous 16 year old daughter came home and uttered the words you are not ever sure you want to hear.

I have a boyfriend Mama ................ !!!

Oh that is so amazing I said while gripping the table to keep me upright, my heart pounding. But she looked so very happy that I am really happy for her, but oh god, she is my baby !!!!

Anyhow, half a bottle of red wine later and I feel I am coping with the information really well! I am all for new challenges.

With Valentines fast approaching, and red roses and tacky chocolates everywhere, I got to thinking today, what are the worst possible things, you could (or have) received for Valentines!

I am having a great time putting this list together! But please let me know yours!

  1. A third party bought home for the evening
  2. A McDonalds Gift Card
  3. Vouchers for Fat Camp (got to include any Gym Membership in this also)
  4. A kettle, Iron, Ironing Board (in fact, any white goods .... )
  5. A bottle of Lambrini
  6. A bunch of Petrol Garage Flowers
  7. A box of Christmas Chocolates
  8. A bottle of Lidl Irish Cream Chocolate Liqueur (my Mum just said she actually wouldn't mind this!)
  9. A dose of Chlamydia (I include any STI's in this!)
  10. A charity shop teddy bear that smells of old people
  11. A pair of red Crutchless Pants
  12. A pair of crocs
  13. Early Bird dinner reservations at The Harvester
  14. Tickets to see Lenny Henry
  15. A Haynes Manual for a vehicle you do not own
  16. A half eaten Mars Bar
  17. Bunion Plasters
  18. Clothes or Underwear 2 sizes too small for you
  19. Clothes or Underwear 2 sizes too big for you
  20. Hemorrhoid Cream (it is not good for the lines under your eyes, whatever anybody says)
  21. Deodorant
  22. Dandruff Shampoo
  23. A Saga Subscription
  24. Viagra
  25. 4 Cans of Stella Artois

Both girls were out today so it was cute to spend time with just the husband, we went for coffee and a catch up of the newspapers.

Today Jools Wore, Suede wedged boots, Black McQueen Jeans, gold pendant and baby blue jersey and leather jacket and gloves and scarf! (still using the Balenciaga City, thats just because I was too lazy to switch over!)
I used the Dior Vibrating Mascara again today too, I am totally loving it :)

First time ever I have not got pictures for you! It has been a bit of a day though, so forgive me !!!

My dress of the week is this little Cutie from Temperley London

Oh to be warm enough to wear it NOW!

Thanks for reading!!

Until Tomorrow x

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Urban Butterfly said...

OMG I am surprised you didn't pass out. I think you should invite said victim... whoops I mean boyfriend and grill him and his intentions! ; ) Do you and PC celebrate valentines day?

Lorien said...

Ha fortunately being perpetually single I haven't had too many Valentine's horrors - however I do recall one time what I thought would be a lovely evening on Valentine's day resulted in someone snoring (and not me!). Not being able to sleep when someone else is snoring, and it's still early is a bit of downer... Hehe. This year I have done my usual; buy myself Charbonnel et Walker champagne truffles because I know I am worth it x

Jools said...

heheee he will be a brave boy to come around here. Will definitely celebrate but probably go out for lunch as opposed to the dreaded valentines dinner where they put you at a table 2 inches from the next one !!! My idea of hell ;) xxx

Jools said...

L, the pink Champagne Truffle box is our favourite !!! I LOVE THEM :)! and being single means never have to listen to snoring ..............