Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday - Beautiful Bafta Red Carpet Looks

Hi Lovelies,

How has your Sunday been?

It has been really nice at home today as lots going on, the day got even better with the delivery of a Lemon Poppy-Seed Muffin & a Latte!

This is almost as exciting as shoes on a Sunday !!!

It is the Bafta's this evening which makes Jools very happy. Lots of lovely dresses to lust over!

Some pretty Eye Candy for you below (Just click on them to make them bigger x)

Loved this look on Fearne Cotton. Coral dress by Moschino with black velvet belt detailing & Jimmy Choo's. Her wavy hair really works with this look.

Olivia Williams (Hanna) rocking Vivienne Westwood, who was also the designer of choice for Christina Hendricks AND Meryl Streep tonight too! Rule Britannia

 Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive - The woman is stunning!

Jessica Chastain (nominated for The Help) in Metallic Valentino

Naomie Harris was one of my favourites looks. It's a brave choice to wear citrus yellow on a Snowy London evening! She carries it off though in Pucci

The glorious John Hamm (Mad Men) looking even hotter than Don Draper in a Tux! 

 Christina Ricci in liquid gold Givenchy

Melisa George has come a long way from Home & Away! She is wearing Victoria Beckham (The dress, not actually Posh! although I suspect Victoria could weigh less than the gown) 

Bonnie Wright (who are we kidding she will only ever be Ginny Weasley to us!)
 looking cute in Prada Polkadots


 Gillian Anderson wearing vintage Sybil Connolly. She is just looking better & better! 


Newly red haired Emilia Fox wore a gold ruffled gown by Louisa Beccaria

 Miss Piggy wore Louis Vuitton

 Christina Hendricks came along and made every other actress on the red carpet look like a pre- pubescent stick. She was born to wear Vivienne Westwood.

Michelle Williams wore H&M!! Yes, you read it right - H&M. It was especially made for her, but she wore high street to the Bafta's none the less!

Helena Bonham Carter wore Giles Deacon!

The Dame wore The Dame! Meryl Streep in Vivienne Westwood

Sadly for every triumphant gown, there is always one tragedy. Tonight's worst dressed goes to poor Edith Bowman - Edith what the hell were you thinking!!!

Thanks for reading, oh and as a little Sunday treat, here is a couple of last piccies for you.
Wouldn't they make a nice sandwich!

You're Welcome!!!!

Until tomorrow xx

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Urban Butterfly said...

Well my favourite of course is Miss Piggy, she is working the LV! haha Emilia Fox's dress is beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

think Fearne looks pretty hot, she's been slated all night for that dress but its very "her"!! Hope you enjoyed the costa - am dying for a latte!!! Jude xx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

You just can't stop showing me that Latte can you? You missed a picture of Hugh Jackman to add to the sandwich and as for Edith, well, WTF? She looks like a batty old woman in her night gown just escaped from the care home!

deborah said...

Melissa George and Christina Hendricks both look super-hot! Amazing. But really WHERE is the picture of Fassbender? Was he not present?

Jools said...

Lucky Miss Piggy, getting to wear LV!! Thats one lucky little Piggy! :)

Jools said...

Hi Jude!!! It was a really good latte today, but I didn't manage all of the muffin ...... ! I loved Fearnes dress, and did you see her shoes when they panned in! Chiffon Choos, they were gorgeous!

Jools said...

I like to taunt you with it honeybun :D x Poor Edith, why did she think she needed to add those gloves for goodness sake with a floaty sleeve. Who let her leave the hotel like that, its just mean :D !

Jools said...

Do you need a pic honey!!!! Always happy to oblige ;)

deborah said...

Yes :)

Anonymous said...

O M G Edith she does look like she is wearing a nightdress! For me the best dressed goes to Penelope Cruz stunning and chic! My yummy George looked fab as usual although I have recently found myself coveting a bit of Olly Murs... Hello mid life crisis

Anonymous said...

Stupid me it published before I was ready!

I love Michelle Williams dress too!

Nicole x

Jools said...

lol, have found a gorge one, will add it to tonights blog! :) x

Jools said...

Heheee you can't get more diverse than Clooney to Olly Murs!

Im even worse than you tho baby, I keep looking at pictures of Zac Effron, surely thats jailbait !!!! But gosh he is sooo pretty :)