Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday - A Rubbish day to lose Internet Connection - Thanks Virgin!

Hi Lovelies

Well Saturdays read is going to be even shorter than me (Yes Ali, that IS actually possible)!!

Our 50 mb connection from Virgin is currently coming through at 1mb! It's like living in Stoke. I am lifting the 3g from my iPhone to blog .........

The plus side of course is that I cannot be tempted by anything, the down side is that there are so many great pictures that I am missing!

Tonight is ALL about Stella McCartney.
Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Amber Valetta, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss are all attending a Black Tie dinner to celebrate Stella before the show.

It is nice to finally see some A list celebrities in attendance! It's an awful lot more palatable than seeing the cast of TOWIE attending LFW .......

So will Rihanna (who is a huge Stella fan) sing at the dinner or during the show?? That would be so cool!

Snap of the Black Tie Dinner

Rihanna Arriving

Rihanna with Stella McCartney

I cannot wait to blog the pictures of the show to you.

The Issa Show happened today and The very beautiful Gemma Arteton attended (how amazing does she look in black lace!).

Lots of double prints were on show. Its still a much better look than double denim !

Alongside Issa's now infamous style of rushed waist dress (This was Kate Middleton's Engagement dress designer of choice)

I will keep updating and listing pictures this evening when I get connectivity in my cave! xxx

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