Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Wet Wine Wednesday calls for Wagamama's !

Loved this!

Hi Gorgeous Ones,

Well, we are half way through the week.

I am watching a show on Dita Von Teese on Sky1 Arts just now and drooling while I write my blog - she is just incredible. But as my very lovely husband just stated, you couldn't just ask her if she wanted to pop out for a coffee could you - it would take her 5 hours to get ready (I love him for that!)

Today has been a quiet one. Elli was home from college as she had a headache (her first ever sick day so I did choose to believe her!)

I was so glad she was, as we got locked out today! It was absolutely pouring with rain and I was so worried she would slip, but she was tiny enough to get through the small window, definitely the cutest cat burglar EVER!!!

So she definitely deserved a Hot Chocolate!! She also spotted this in TK Maxx today (its inbred in her!!!)

There is something all kinds of wrong about Mulberry Alexa bags sitting on the racks next to some real crap. It is upsetting actually! This was the Tan Patent version.

Speaking of Mulberry, I used the Mulberry Neeley today. It is patent so perfect for this incessant rainy weather.

Mulberry Neeley Patent Red Shoulder Bag 

 I definitely have a thing for red bags just now!

Aww, Mummy Bag & Baby Bag!

I made a little purchase today. I may have told you before about my Helmut Lang obsession ........ They use THE best jersey fabric mix and the draping is just perfection. I have had this one on my Net-A-Porter wish-list for ages, as I completely adore the colour. I figure it HAS to get warmer soon and I can think of lots of ways it would work. 

I really want to wear it with some white jeans and skirts, but I think it will look just as good with jeans and black trousers until the weather warms up. So I can't wait to show it to you when it arrives.

Wine Wednesday has been cancelled just for a few weeks as we are on a little pre-summer health-kick (yes, it is actually killing me, but I'm in the zone just now). But some steamed and grilled Gyoza was exactly what we needed tonight, so we went to Wagamamas.

 So delicious!

I am seeing a lovely friend tomorrow in my stylist capacity! I am dressing her for a wedding so I am really looking forward to her trying on lots of outfits until we find the perfect one - there aren't many better ways to spend the day.

Brushing my teeth tonight may be a little bit more problematic than usual though ........


(Teaser Alert!!!!) Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, I may have something pretty darn amazing to show you

Thanks for reading x

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Anonymous said...

How could you go to wagamama and just have that?
I would have been starving
Nicole x

Laura C said...

What is it with cats and sinks??! Xx

LooweezBx said...

I love Wagamama mmm :) and that cat is so cute haha

Looking Fab in your forties said...

How much do they retail the Alexa for? Love that cat!

Jools said...

oh N, we had some yaki soba too!!!! x

Jools said...

I know, they are so odd, our other rag doll sits on the edge of the bath every night too, and won't leave!

Jools said...

Aww thanks honey, she is such a gorgeous kitty! Whats your fave dish at Waga's?

Jools said...

It was priced at £469.99 at TK Maxx

Anonymous said...

Was that Mulberry really in TK's? That's unbelievable! London store? How much was it? I am gobsmacked.

Clare aka Tiger_Totty

Jools said...

Yes really, they get a few in and it is not even a London one, its the Staines one in (Surrey)!

Anonymous said...

Well I think its time I visited my local tk!