Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday - Walk-in in a Winter Wonderland!!!!

Hi Lovely Ones!

Well the snow is falling and looks to be settling! I am properly excited!
Mia is refreshing the school website homepage every few minutes desperate to see an announcement that her school is closed tomorrow!

Today's blog is inspired by my lovely morning emails with Maria (Hey Honey!) We were chatting about walk-in closets. They have got to be every girls dream - surely?

We came up with the idea that glass wall mirrors should double as a monitor, showing us every single outfit we own on a slide show (now that would take some editing!) and putting outfits together for us - the same monitors show upcoming collections and places pre-orders for us.
Look its our dream - its plausible that this could happen .......

Ofcourse, THE closet that every girl thinks of when you mention the words Walk IN is Carrie Bradshaw's, I actually loved her old closet too, either would actually be ok with me!

Check out the vintage Stella McCartney Horse Dress at the front, God I loved that .........

Le Sigh!!!!

Here are some other pretty incredible Walk-in Wardrobes to drool over!











Shoe Porn!

Let me know which one is your favourite!

Todays Jools Wore Top by French Connection, Jeans by Seven

I like taking pictures from above, which is handy, as this is how an average height 12 year old views me anyhow ........ 

Pendant, only just seen! House of Harlow, better picture below.

And tonight I painted my nails to match my new Ring (as you do!!!!)

Nail Polish Rimmel 05 Grey Matter, Lipstick Kate Moss for Rimmel 05

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave me comments - I get lonely you know!!! xxx

Until tomorrow

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Urban Butterfly said...

Such an inspiring conversation we had... :) This post is like porn for me! I needed a slap to come out of my open mouth dream like state. Love the grey nail varnish, I'm getting a tad bored with my nails so may try something like it. I had a lovely grey OPI one but I left the lid of and it went to heaven :(

Anonymous said...

Good blog.

Some of them walk in wardrobes are bigger than the flat I put an offer in on.....! Hope Mimi's school is closed tomorrow. That means that I can officially work from home without any guilt.

Fashion!! x

Jools said...

This grey was fabby honey and you won't need to go to Wonga to get it ......... heheheeeeee ;) crazy chick ! xx

Jools said...

Me too, she will be sooo sad if it isn't! Kind of pinned her hopes on it - Night la x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Being a Sex and the City obsessive, it would have to be her closet, abso - fucking - lutely! The ring looks fabby with the matte grey polish, great choice. We didn't get any snow, I was getting a little scared last night as Claudia insisted on going clubbing 20 miles away regardless! She got home at half three but is up and ready for the long journey to Uni at Epsom after less than 4 hrs kip and I am struggling to get out of bed after being woken by her and then laying awake for hours - thats getting old and being a mum for ya!

Jools said...

we have SATC in common too, I am seeing a theme lol! We have lots of snow but the schools have stayed open!!! Claudia rocks - unlimited energy comes as a standard factory option when u are a teenager ;) !!!!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Ha Ha, she just put on Facebook she has been sick on her way to Uni in a carrier bag that had a hole in the bottom and it is all over her clothes and her friends car and says thank god for baby wipes and clackett lane services!

Jools said...

heheeeee bet it is not looking like such a great idea now - THAT is classic :D x

adoreabubbles said...

No 5 is my fave...all that storage space!