Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday - A Wednesday Morning Drama but an ickle delivery helps!

Hi Lovelies,

Well Wednesday did not start off that great,  I awoke to the husband shouting at Virgin (noooo, not A Virgin - Virgin Media) because our internet connection was down and he needed to tweak a presentation before jumping on a plane, then the boiler hadn't switched the heating on so it was freezing cold and the washing machine had flooded ............ C'est la vie, the day can only get better after a start like that!

My lovely neighbour came to the rescue after a text, She picked up all the laundry and bought each load back washed and folded, it begs the question why I hadn't broken our machine before ..........

So Jools had the task of finding a new washing machine. I was not too sad about this if I am honest, I have hated our current one with a passion since the day it arrived.
It was too pale, too cumbersome, too heavy to move, ugly, awkward, often didn't work and everything still seemed a little grubby after a full session! It also seemed to perform better on older objects and didn't have a 90 minute option .......... Our washing machine was called Wayne Rooney.

Appliance shopping is sooo not the kind of internet shopping that I enjoy. This is where Jools Logic  comes into play. Let me know if I am alone in this, or if it is a perfectly normal behaviour!

So a washing machine? Anybody with an average sized family must use one what, twice a day minimum? I definitely use mine 3 times a day, every single day.
So why, does it kill me to pay £600 for a washing machine that I will use ALL the time? Why was I punching out my card details on the keyboard like it was torture, or like I had been told I had to attend an evening with Lenny Henry - AND pay for it?

Why do I feel like this when I do not give more than a thought to paying the same for a pair of amazing Louboutin's that with the best will in the world I will wear once every 3 months?

The same thing happened a couple of months ago. I really wanted a new corner sofa, it had to be leather because of the dog, so off we toddled to have a look. 3 grand, 3 grand for each piece! You have to buy them separately, thats like buying a shoe without a heel!!! My eyes dilated - WOW how can it be soooooo expensive.

And yet, that is the cost of a Chanel Bag! A tiny, incy wincy piece of leather compared to the 50 cows you require to make a sofa! A bag that I only bring out occasionally and yet think, WOW this is worth every penny! Yep, you know it, it's Jools Logic™.

As I fill up my car with petrol (please tell me I am not the only one that does this either), when it gets to £30 I am thinking, that's a blouse there, it rises to £50 - dammit that is a pair of jeans,  by the time the guzzling thing is full and there is £110 showing on the pump, I am thinking that is a dress AND a lunch!

Anyway!!! After that kind of morning I was super happy to see the DHL van pull up!

It is the new season YSL Arty ring, I really like them but found the gold to be a little bit too blingy for me, so the new muted silvers are pretty perfect. I am going to paint my nails grey tomorrow to match!

I was cheered up even further by two quotes today!

The first was while browsing Grazia with a cup of tea ....... what a classic!

And the second, was from Harry Redknapp (what a 24 hours he has had - he is up there with Jack Bauer today). Describing his dog while giving evidence at his court case, he said, and I quote ....
"I don't like calling Rosie a dog, she was too good for that"

Both those quotes had me actually rolling around today, which after this mornings events was quite unexpected!

VOD is below (sorry to have chatted so much tonight, I blame the glass of red wine)

Pleat Front Top - Mulberry - £375

 Marc Jacobs Skirt £2240

Garnet Necklace - RAM £1755

 Rose Balenciaga £1145

Tabitha Simmons Satin Pumps £245

Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Very good, I could fashion that ring with a small hammer to stop the pipes from leaking...

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, I have Jool's logic, too. I felt it when the road tax letter came through. Oh and the petrol Nicole x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That was a reveal worth waiting for, the breathing got really heavy as I spotted the YSL box! Gorgeous ring, love it and agree that the gold can look a bit "blingy" as it is quite yellow. It will look fab with grey nails.
Re: Jools Logic, oh yes you are not alone on that one! and what is it about the sum "30 quid"? because whenever something costs £30 I always say, "I could buy a bloody top with that"!
If you go out today, have a coffee for me, I'm getting withdrawals, haven't had a decent one since last Friday when I went shopping!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Oh and just realised I forgot to say about the quotes you mentioned. I totally pissed myself over Harry's comment regarding Rosie, it is still making me giggle everytime I think about it, even OH nearly wet himself!

Jools said...

Oh god so did I, I would have loved to have actually been there when he said it - you can just so hear Harry saying it ........... Totally my humour :D x I have had a coffee today, it was a goodie ;) xx

Jools said...

N my car tax notification came this morning .................... Bahhhhh !

fififolle said...

£110 to fill your car up?! What the heck do you drive, a tank?! It only costs £40 to fill mine up!