Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wednesday - Still cold, Still grey, Still no snow - BUT WE HAVE DRESSES !!!

Hey lovelies,

I am so so over the cold weather now! The daffodils are not the only ones that are confused by it, I want it to be spring now so badly, I have become one of those people who talks about the weather to strange people (I am not saying for a second that you are strange, well not 'that' strange .......)

My heart wants to just keep my trackie bottoms on and stay indoors - a hibernation without the hamster wheel if you will - but the devil on my shoulder stopping me from living the life I really want is Karl Lagerfeld and he just won't go away

It IS a powerful Mantra lol, but what if I buy really expensive cashmere ones - hmmm does this then deem slothdom acceptable?

And while we are on the subject, what time of day is it strictly not ok to still be seen in PJ's? My friend Julie always seems to pop around when I have mine on, I used to think she just came round super early, but often it is to see if I want lunch ;)

Anywayyyyyyyy! Today I tried the Chanel tinted moisturiser that I purchased and blogged about yesterday (many thanks for all the comments asking about it) I am super happy to say that it is brilliant. 
You need to shake the bottle ALOT! The super scary SA did tell me this yesterday but I have now voided the entire event from my brain, so I found out the hard way this morning when it just ran out like water! - Still, after a shake , it is blinking brilliant, without a hint of it being a foundation. It is just a really nice moisturiser, so it is a perfect product if you want something without much coverage, just that evens out a skin tone x

Today Jools Wore a baby blue jersey top, with jeans and some purple boots! Grey weather calls for colour from other places after all! It was still very much a dress down outfit, but is a marked improvement from sweatpants and/or PJ's .......

The top is a soft jersey knit from Toppers, jeans are 2812 (Sienna Miller range) and my practical footwear of the day were these babies!

After returning the rubbish Karl Lagerfeld Collar to Net-a-Porter, I wanted to try one from somewhere else to see if it all collars are this poor quality.

So I found one while browsing ASOS - It arrived today.

It is a gold embellished one, and was only £15!! It is soooo much better than the Karl one, and if anybody wants to dress up a black dress or a plain top, it is pretty damn cute!

Sadly for me, I have a magpie in the house, and this collar has now been stolen by 'The Teenager' - who rocked it and hasn't taken it off since. It is a great buy and if anybody is interested, you can buy one RIGHT HERE!!!!

Well, I couldn't just order a collar could I !!! That would just be inefficient. So these two dresses also arrived today.

I blogged about this green dress the other day. The full details on this dress are HERE!
I am pretty undecided on it to be honest, is it tooooo green !??

And this little Swallow Print Tea Dress was a complete bargain (sorry to my gorgeous friend UB who I think bought it at full price - It wasn't her fault though - She thinks Patience is a Take That Record!)

Full details on this dress can be found HERE

This little Miu Miu Dress came into store this week. It is so beautiful and I love the collar. So it has to be my VOD!

Miu Miu Embellished Collar Crepe Dress £1460

Mulberry Gem Embellished Suede Lily Bag £850
(got to keep my Mulberry Gals happy!)

YSL Leather & Suede Blush Pumps £550

Thanks for reading x

Until tomorrow

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Urban Butterfly said...

Naughty Jools, I didn't know you slipped the bird dress in the basket too, though I have to say it looks awesome on you, were you pleased with it? Love the vivid colour on the bug dress, I may have to get that, then we are even, lol ; ) the colllar is a super way to glam up outfits, it's the future I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Not loving the mulb I am afraid! The dresses and collar are great x Nicole x oh forgot to say have you tried Clinique chubby stick x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love the Swallow Print dress, well I love them both but think the green is too young and bodycon for me ahem..... but it looks great on you and what a figure lady, are you sure you are old enough to have had those girls? Will defo go for the chanel tinted stuff when my Lancome runs out. The bargain denim shirt arrived yesterday so all is well here!

Jools said...

Hey Hon, damn I only add Mulberry to keep you PF gals happy ;)!! I should have gone with a WOC huh ;) Yes I have the strawberry chubby stick, I like them - would like the watermelon one too :) x

Jools said...

aww Thanks honey, trust me, they make me feel EVERY day of my age most days. Wouldn't swop it tho! I love the shirt, that was such a great find :) xx

Jools said...

It just jumped into the basket - I blame that Italian Cruise Captain lol !!! I can so see you in the green dress