Friday, 3 February 2012

Thursday - When is a compliment, not a compliment ?? !!!

Hi Gorgeous ones,

I refuse to talk about the weather any more - Let's face it - Everybody is doing it,  Including Stella McCartney! And if she can do it (and include trans-animal fat), you just know it is an abused subject ............. Falabella bags my eye! It is pleather which ever way you cut it - I want a leather bag that will just get better with use, and do not even get me started on Vegetarian sausages .........

Anyway, this is my first attempt at writing a blog whilst completely drunk - It is interesting to say the least! But let's just go with the flow - It is tough to commit to writing a daily blog - some days are just not set up for it ........ but I do have Kylie on the iPod!

Today was my Nephew's 18th birthday! It brings up a lot of emotions, not least, err how the hell did this happen .... ? But happen it did, which is why I found myself at a Beefeater this evening (his choice, which is completely his perogative - get me I sound like Bobby Brown) but why the hell did nobody warn me about the incredibly cheap alcohol ....

So, I sat next to my big sis and reminisced about Sam's Birth Date - WOW, in some ways it seems like an eon ago, but in other ways he is still that tiny baby boy that needs milk and cuddles, only now the milk has been replaced by Smirnoff Ice, but he still needs us just as much (or at least our cash ........ )

I happened to say to my Sis that the reason she was still looking so young was because she had a round face - WELL, I may as well have said she had an STI, caught from a serial killer! You could cut the atmosphere with a knife - Relax it was a beefeater, the knives were not that sharp ........ but  I did actually mean it! She looks amazing for a girl that has bought up four kids, but no - a compliment must have an ulterior motive and mean something else - I was clearly saying that she was the size of a house......
Why do woman never find it capable of taking a compliment? Is it inbred in us that something verging on curvy must constitute a diss? Can you not be curvy and gorgeous  (you are by the way Sis!) but it bought up so many questions, it hurts me that we are so hard on ourselves sometimes, I am sure guys don't make life so tough on themselves?

Anyway 3 glasses of Merlot later (with my children in bed) and I am doing a Carrie Bradshaw and pondering life. Why is it so easy in some respects and so hard in others ............ ? Do we make it tougher on ourselves because it actually makes life easier !

Hmmmm who knows the answers - I just know that girls give themselves far too hard a time! A slice of Will Young should sort you out (simple!) throw some Luther in and we would surely possess all the answers, to everything, in the universe ..........

Today was mostly a dress down day (yes I know what Karl said, but sometimes you have to be a rebel) and I DID eat a muffin (it was low fat, but what the hell does that mean anymore!) Face - Jools, Top - Westwood, Jeans - Topshop!!

and Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

and I wore the Fearne Cape again as it was so freaking cold x

By the time this goes live, it will be my friends birthday - she knows who she is, and she knows how much she means to me - Happy Birthday Gorgeous one  xxx

Tomorrow will be less musing, and back to more frivolous stuff, I promise! Haha xx

Until tomorrow

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Luther and Will Young, I believe we have the same play list! When Will was in Pop Idol, for the day of the final, I got one of my Sons' cot sheets (he was a baby then) and wrote on it with black marker pen "Vote Will" and hung it out my bedroom window. OH came home from work and went potty and looking back I can't believe I loved him so much that I did that. At his first audition, I said to my girls "there's your winner", what a voice, he can light my fire any time and as for Luther, well there is "never too much"! xx

Jools said...

It makes me laugh that I never twigged once that he was gay during the show. When they asked him what girl he would like to take on a date, he replied The Queen and I still didn't bloody get it!!! Too funny - I was so innocent then ! :D