Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday - Wedding Gowns!

Hello Lovelies,

How has your Friday been?

I spent a lovely day in London, looking at more wedding gowns with my friend Maglet.

Now, Mags didn't wear the most practical of shoes today (she wanted to appear tall)  and figured that London wasn't hilly! Her plan was foiled though when she left her wallet in the car (a ploy I often use myself!) and we had to go down a huge steep car park ramp to get it back. I had to literally hold her upright at 10am as we tottered along looking like THIS. I am sure they thought we were drunk ............ It was a moment to remember for sure - somebody wearing more impractical footwear out than I do!

Things improved greatly though. We had an appointment with Suzanne Neville today in Beauchamp Place. It was so much fun. I want to own a Bridal Store!! They are also responsible for Christine Bleakley's dresses every week on Dancing on Ice, and for holding up Holly Willaboobies amazing breasts, so they know what they are doing!

I am not allowed to tell you yet if we were successful but it was a lovely experience.

We then had lunch and bubbles, and had a mooch around Louboutin, there wasn't actually a single pair that I didn't want! I fell in love with a rose pink Balenciaga bag too, but luckily for me Celine in Harrods was closed for expansion!

Today Jools Wore

Shiny Ruby Red nails!

and Brogue Dress - All Saints

I bought this cute dress yesterday. It has pockets (yes you may have guessed by now, I am  crazy about anything with pockets), and I really love it. I wore it over skinny jeans today as it was cold, but it will look just as cute with bare legs soon (well let's hope it will be soon!)

Todays VOD Inspiration is taken from the Knightsbridge Mulberry store. They had some beautiful pieces in today.

Long High Neck Silk Dress in Plaster Blush - Mulberry £795
(It is stunning in real life!)

Mulberry Plaster Pink Mini Alexa - £550

Wedges - Missoni £730

Brown Quilted Leather Jacket - All Saints

Thanks for looking x

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