Friday, 9 March 2012

Thursday - Shopping & Shoes!!!

Hi Lovely ones,

Aww, I went past 10,000 views today which is pretty incredible in only a couple of months. I honestly thought it would just be me reading it - although maybe it is - just 10,000 times !!!!

So I have cocktails for EVERYBODY to celebrate.

Cheers, I hope you have all had a good day!

My day started badly with a rant at Harrods.
I dropped a Wallet on Chain in for repair last September 5th, just some stitches that had come undone, but the damage was pretty unbelievable as I had only used the bag for a couple of weeks, and very lightly.

Anyhow, they advised that if it could be fixed in London it would be back in 2 weeks, and if it had to go to Paris it would be 6 weeks but that they would keep in touch.

I heard nothing for 3 months lol, and even then I had to chase them - we are now at 6 MONTHS and a bag that cost 1000 pounds has still not been returned to me :(

The service is so shocking, they really couldn't care less. I told the monosyllabic SA on the phone that perhaps if she had to lend me £1k from her account for 6 months with nothing to show for it, she might care a little bit more ........

So Chanel are now shockingly overpriced with woefully pitiful quality AND awful Customer Service.
One SA tried to claim it was the sheer amount of repairs they are doing that was causing the backlog - pretty awful all round and it has really put me off buying anymore - and yes PC - you can quote me on that .......

Anyhow the day vastly improved by a knock at the door .............

Oh, hello lovely Louboutins ........... welcome!

Christian Louboutin Mater Claude 85's

They are a great height for daytime and I do love a peep toe!! I will do modelling piccie's tomorrow, as I painted my toes to match the red, and they are not quite dry yet!

We went shopping this evening to look at some present ideas for MiMis 13th Birthday which is in a couple of weeks.

Hi Mimi !

Today Jools Wore Valentino Black top with chiffon spotted bow, and some bright blue jeans.

I was very restrained at the Mac Counter. I just came away with an eyebrow pencil

Mac Eyebrow Pencil - Colour 'Lingering'

I wasn't quite as restrained in All Saints though. But that is a reveal for another day as I want to wear it straight away!

I am very excited about tomorrow as I am heading into town for stage 2 of Wedding Dress shopping. We are upping the anti tomorrow with an appointment in Knightsbridge, so I cannot wait to tell you all about it tomorrow. I am sure we will find some time for a look around the shops too!

Thanks for reading!

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Great shoes, perfect choice, I am struggling with heels at the moment so these look like a great size heel for me x