Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday - Is a Red Wine Haze .................

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Sunday.
I may have woken at 5am this morning with a hangover! I really didn't actually drink that much (honestly!), but it was one of those nights where the alcohol went directly to my head without passing go!!!

We went out for dinner to raise a glass to PC's Dad. So we had to do it right - right!?

One of the shopping bags I teased you with last night contained this parachute dress that had been on my wish-list, so I wore this out for dinner.

Jools Wore All Saints Allana Dress £120

Chanel Emerveille Golden Eye Shadow (with Rimmel Blue nails!)

With YSL Lipstick no 10

I teamed it with my Firetrap Sunday Girl leather Jacket  

Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch

Zara Crystal Platform Shoes

 and my very favourite accessory

 It was really nice to go out and just not think about what has happened, even if it was only for a few hours.

So today, a Costa Coffee and a family roast dinner has helped to make me feel almost human again.

I promised you I would show you what was in the other bags too :)

Cream Topshop Tunic (described as a dress on the website lol, that is so NOT gonna happen!!!)

Lace Topped, drop-back cream dress - Topshop £32

and the rest ???

Well, you will just have to come back tomorrow!!!

Thanks for reading

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Lorien said...

Ha I like the Paul Smith shirt that your "favourite accessory" is wearing, and it amuses me even more so that I instantly knew where it was from. I love the Allsaints dress on you, especially the way you've worn it - looking great! :) x

Jools said...

heheee LOVE that you knew it was a PS shirt!!!! Thanks babe :) xx

Anonymous said...

Love your parachute dress stunning! You look fab x nicole xx

Jools said...

Thanks lovely :) xx