Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday was all about the Chanel Show at Paris Fashion Week

Hi Lovelies,

I never blog about my love for Arsenal usually. I was one of the ones who thought tonight was pointless, that we needed to now concentrate on the league as it was mission impossible to come back from a 4-0 deficit - but I just watched one of the greatest games of football ever!
OK, we didn't win, but we sure made it an awful lot more respectable a scoreline ........ Glorious Failure by getting 3 goals back!

Anyhow, I promise my fashion head is firmly back on now. And today was ALL about the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week .......... The invitation probably gave some clues to what was to come.

It was a kind of Karl meets Superman morning. Crystals were everywhere, was it kryptonite or stalagmites? Who knows! But the effect was, as always at a Chanel Show - effective and quite amazing. I am not sure what was more talked about though - the clothes or the eyebrows!!

It was Metallics and Trousers all the way for A/W 2012. They were in every look, over skirts, under jackets, layered, and always in a cigarette style a couple of inches about the ankle to show off the beautiful shoes. Off centred straps, with clear acrylic & crystal heels to match the staging!

Clear Crystal Heels

Crystal Embellished Sleeves on Jackets

Too much cuteness! A boy with a mini BOY bag

Should we talk about these eyebrows!! I cannot really see them catching on, although it would seriously save on plucking time :D

King Karl takes a Bow!

Today was going great, I had a really healthy Vegetable soup for lunch (Thanks Tat's!)

Which I then ruined with a KitKat, and, in my mission to cheer up PC, I baked him this Raspberry and Almond Tart - it would have been rude to not have a slice! So back on the Power Plate tomorrow!

Oh and I had my Prada Rip Off outfit delivered today!! You may recall back in Jan that I blogged about the Cadillac prints at Prada?

The print is completely gorgeous, but definitely a one season wonder!

No Worries, I found the Primark Version (they all sold out in-store on the day of release)
on Ebay. I paid £35 for both!

But its ok, I absolutely positively definitely didn't buy new Louboutins today ................ nope, nope, errr ............

Until Tomorrow ;)!

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Urban Butterfly said...

You are a domestic godess :) I must say loving the eyebrows. I would love to try that for one of my portfilo shots.

Jools said...

Yes, they come on strips, and were added to the Models, will find you a picture of all the different eyebrow designs :D xx

Anonymous said...

The bakewell was gorgeous, even nicer as it was baked baked at home, and yes you are a domestic godess :-) Now about those shoes

victoriarhodes1 said...

Im in shock Babe, Primark AND you baked a cake in one day xxx

LooweezBx said...

Looove the eyebrows :D

Jools said...

I knew you wouldn't believe it :D Let me know if you manage to track one down at your local store! :)

Jools said...

I know, wonder if anybody will be brave enough to try it on a night out. Isn't it amazing how much eyebrows have changed in the last few years, now they are such a feature :D

Jools said...

heheee, you stayed as anonymous so not sure who posted this .... shoe reveal very shortly :D x