Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday - oooh Its only the weekend!!!

Hi Lovely Ones,

£900!!!!! Thats what my blinking car cost for it's service.
I would expect to be serviced by Daniel Craig for that ......... AND in those blue trunks ............ in a shaken and stirred fashion! blah blah blah - I told you I hate garages!. Damn, now I need to see a picture of him ........

Ahh, thats better! Anyhow, it is sorted now and I even treated it to a wash today - by that I mean I took it somewhere, I do not want to be breaking the hose pipe ban now do I!

I hate wasting money, when it could be used on something completely practical - like new shoes - oooh its just not right :D So while it was being washed, I HAD to consume this AND coffee, Sigh!!!!

Hope you have had a fab Saturday.

Well I had to shop to get over the trauma of dealing with such nightmares.

So, I ordered the All Saints Rogalle Dress today that was on my wishlist

oh and I placed a Topshop order too, so will reveal that shortly.

Tonite, we went out with the girls for cocktails and Tapas

So Jools Wore

Crystal Collar Shell Top from Topshop (about £40)

Black True Religion Jeans & Leather Firetrap Jacket

 and we ate fabby things!!!

A totally chilled day calls for a totally chilled song. This came up on Shuffle earlier - haven't heard it for eons - ahhhh tis lush!

You have gotta love abit ofTripping Out - Curtis Mayfield

Thanks for reading, I love that you do x

Until Tomorrow

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