Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday - Showers, Shakes & Shopping

Hi Lovelies,

Well Sunday has been good fun.
I watched the London Marathon in bed this morning with Tea and Toast - surely the closest I will get to the action. I am seriously in awe of every single runner though - it is an incredible achievement, and the pictures of London made it look so beautiful.

The rain held off until this evening, so we headed into London this afternoon. I took Celine out to play.

We stopped at Westfield first ................. can I just put it out there - I HATE IT!!!!

It should be the most amazing shopping experience, but it never is. The stores have no more stock than any other average high street store and it is always so overly heated and too busy. It makes me feel grouchy - surely not what shopping should be about at all!!!

So we then headed into Knightsbridge for an ickle look around Harrods.

Well the Louboutin Salon did not have any studded Pigalle's in stock, in fact, they didn't have a single pair of Pigalle's available! and Celine didn't have any Mini Luggage bags available either - their entire bag store was almost empty. So there was no fashion temptation for Jools there.

Balenciaga and Miu Miu were really well stocked, they had some incredible coloured bags, all pinks and purples and rose colours - so pretty!

Chanel also had some gorgeous Patent bags available, but I am staying strong and boycotting them after the poor service I have had from them recently (damn it, I am not sure how much longer this can last!!)

There was an amazing French Bulldog in Pet Kingdom though, heheeee, AND I had a fabulous Nutella Malted Milkshake!


I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend, would love to know what you have all been up to.

Thanks for reading.

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