Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday Musings ..... Will practicality EVER win out!!

Hi Lovelies

I spend far too much time thinking about shoes.
In fact, there is never really a day where I don't dream about what my next pair will be.

Most people plan their perfect outfit and then choose their shoes - I never do this!
I think about the shoes I want to wear that day (for whatever reason when I am thinking about them, I am always skipping - and usually through apple blossom - I really need to work on that!) and then the rest of my outfit comes together after.

It would be fair to say that I have a fair few pairs of heels! But whenever I think about buying a new pair they are ALWAYS heeled! It can't just be because I am little - can it?

Today, I was thinking about the Studded Loubies, as I do most days. Now £700 is a lot to spend on one pair of shoes, but I figure I will wear them with a lot of things (well maybe!)

But more and more I have been looking at the Flat version, wondering if they wouldn't be a better option?

My head knows they would be - for a start, I could probably walk in them instead of my usual totter, and that is always a plus point, (although not one that I ever truly consider when purchasing). But my heart screams at me that I need that heel!

Is it age though that is making me even consider a flat pair? Am I becoming, (gulp) Practical!!!

These are the pair I want - They are the Louboutin Pigalle,  so let's face it - they are never going to be comfortable are they! But LOOK AT THEM!!!

and this is the rogue pair that keep popping into my mind (D, I tried to encourage you to get them so that I could live them through you, but you didn't bite!)

Louboutin Rolling Spike Slip ons (yes they are for girls!) £765

So can a girl that never wears flats, ever really overcome it and rock them? Every time I have ever tried to wear ballet pumps in the past, they have been far more uncomfortable than heels! And this quote always pops into my head .................

Would love your comments Please!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Heels heels heels! One the pumps do not look as good two flats can be very very uncomfortable! Buy the heels x

Michelle said...

I LOVE the flat version! I have wanted the studded version of these too!

Jools I say get both pairs. I'm sure you will wear often:)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I have wanted a flat pair of studded Loubie's like forever! I love this style and the flat pointed pump. Also this style in the leopard print = love! I am really struggling to walk in heels these days, my calves were killing me after going out Saturday night but I still love looking at them!

Anonymous said...

At last a pair of Louboutins I can wear!! Ness x

Coco said...

I can offer a compromise, get the heels and then you can always get a cheaper version of the flats in the form of Sam Edelman they do have black but rather love this nude version too

Jools said...

LOL Michelle you are not helping :D !!!!

Jools said...

I love them both tho, but have enabled my gorgeous friend now to buy the pumps!!! High Five :D

Jools said...

Heeheee, I LOVE that you have ordered them, woohoooo your first pair of Loubies - Its a very proud day for me teeheeee ;)

Jools said...

Coco, I am loving this suggestion !!!!!

LooweezBx said...

The flats are really nice! Verrrry pricey though eek! I love reading your daily posts and although you're not all that new I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award anyway :D here's my post on it xx