Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A gorgeous day in Windsor

Hi Gorgeous Ones,

Well Summer finally arrived today, AND IT WAS BRILLIANT!

I had such a great day with my friends. We had a little look around the stores, then had lunch al fresco and then sat by the river and caught some rays. It doesn't get much better than that.

These are some of the cute things that caught my eye today!

Topshop Boutique Paisley Silk Tee £50

Now this dress is such a great colour and the fabric is incredibly light for summer - BUT

Sadly the hearts completely accentuate the boobies - in a comedy way!
You are totally asking for them to be prodded lol - such a shame as it is a cutie

 Heart Mesh Dress £48 - also Topshop

 Zara had a new drop today too

 Cork Wedges £49.99

Plaited Platform Wedge

 Floral Print Trousers - £39.99 (these are gorgeous!)

Jumper with Ribbon Bow Back - £35.99

I purchased a couple of little pieces, so will show you piccies tomorrow :) Today Jools Wore

Lattice Back Sundress from Toppers.
It was soooooo good to finally wear a dress -
although I may have some dodgy strap lines on my back now!

The girls baked cookies tonight so the whole house smells lovely!

How cute are these!

Thanks for reading x

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Doreen said...

Oh my Jools, pikachu cookies! send some over please!!!!

Can't wait to see what you've gotten today :D

Jools said...

On their way D !!!!! xx