Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday calls for some Westwood, Oasis and Topshop!

Hi Gorgeous Ones,

Well, the sun is coming! Tomorrow is set to be (wait for it ......) HOT!!!!

Oh I am far too excited about this as it seems to have rained for months. So to finally get to wear some summer clothes has Jools jumping up and down in excitement (I would love to tell you that I was joking but sadly it is the truth!)

I also have a great day out planned for tomorrow. Two good friends and I are going to Windsor for a day of shopping and coffee, gossip and coffee, lunch and coffee ....... you get the idea!
I am really looking forward to it.

And while I am feeling patriotic, Oasis have bought out a super fun collection to celebrate how great London is!

June and July are huge months as we host the Jubilee and the Olympics.

To celebrate, Oasis are releasing the London Landmark Collection (available the first week of June). A collection of printed skirts and dresses that show london Landmarks and red buses. I would totally wear the skirt.

Disaster struck for me today. You know everybody has a go to top that just works with everything?
Well mine is a plain black vest top that has a silk chiffon back. I wear it for far too many things, but it is my perfect - no worries, go-to top, or atleast it was until today! I put a skirt on and caught the zip of the skirt in the silk back of the top and it stuck fast! I had to cut it out and the top is ruined!
It was only a Zara one but they don't make it any more so I am going to have to search for a replacement. Has this every happened to you with something that you really love? I have no idea why I didn't buy two at the time.

Another day in Canne, and another fabulous dress!
This has to be my favourite of the whole week. The fabulous Diane Kruger wore
a custom made Vivienne Westwood Gown. SHE LOOKS INCREDIBLE!


I am being super brave and trying my first pair of printed trousers! I love the look of them in magazines, but haven't really seen anybody really wearing them in the real world, so I thought I would try a black based pair. They are inexpensive so I am happy to give them a go. They should be here tomorrow so I can review them and give you an honest opinion very soon!

 Tropical Print Cigarette Pants - £35 Topshop

I would keep the top half very plain, maybe with something like this vest top in black or fuschia
(this one doesn't have a hole in the back either!)

Vest Top - £10 Topshop

Today, Jools Wore

 I have no idea why I look so serious, but didn't take many pics (sorry!!!)

 a mint green crystal vest top (from Toppers)

and black Zara Jeans

Hope Monday has been good to you!

Thanks for reading x

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Anonymous said...

Hang on. Hold the phone. Does Diane Kruger go out with Pacey from Dawsons Creek? Never saw that coming. Jammy get. Good blog.


Karen N said...

I agree the dress is divine , but she is waaayyy to thin!! Someone get her some chocolate!!

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

I really like that Crystal topshop vest! And Diane Kruger looks amazing, but I have to say Cheryl stole the show in that white dress with the red feathers! Xx

Jools said...

Thanks Daniella, I am torn now. I thought Cheryl looked incredible but that Westwood dress is just pure glamour !!!!

Nicole said...

OMG send me pacey from dawsons creek please xxx

Jools said...

You can have Pacey if I can have the dress! Deal? !