Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thursday bought Jools the most exciting delivery ever!!

Hi Gorgeous ones,

Today has been brilliant. Despite the awful weather which we are getting pretty used to by now.

I met a lovely friend this morning as she needed styling for a wedding. We had her complete outfit sorted in under an hour (and that included a coffee stop) and she is going to look so beautiful. I love making somebody try something that they never normally would have picked out for themselves and then have them go oh WOW! Its bloody great!

I have been waiting for a delivery, and when it came today it was one of those moments before you open the box where you think "Please don't disappoint"

Well I am so happy to say that they didn't one little bit .................

I can honestly say, they are the best thing that have ever been delivered to me!!! Which is a pretty huge statement to make.

 Pigalle Spikes

Happy Jools wearing Louboutin's and the Biggest Smile EVER!

You may have ascertained by now that I am ever so slightly shoe obsessed at the best of times, but this pair have made my heart flip. I am completely in awe of them - in fact I want to BE them!!

So they have to feature in my VOD. This is what I would wear them with Virtually today!

This is the MOST perfect dress to complement Louboutins!

Two-Tone Crepe Wool Dress by Roksanda Ilincic - £745
at BrownsFashion

and I would finish it off with this

YSL Rock Clutch Bag £550

That would be one cool outfit huh!

Thanks for reading x

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coretta said...

Love those shoes...of course I would xxx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Stunning! I have no words x

Laura C said...

Perfect shoes... Super jealous! Where did you buy them from in the end? Xx

Michelle said...

They look fab on you Jools and yes that whole outfit would be perfect!!!!!

Mrs A said...

I have fallen in love with this dress!

I loveeeeeeeeeeee your shoes, but Pigalles hurt me : (

nicole x

Urban Butterfly said...

OMG stunning Loubies- There is really no more to be said!

Jools said...

Oh N, is it in your size! They had it in Matches at Christmas as well but it didn't get reduced as much as this one, so thats a really beautiful deal !!!!!!!!

LooweezBx said...

They are so amazing :O haha

CLPig said...

love the look!
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