Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thursday - Wine, Fashion and having fun in the holidays x

Hi Gorgeous ones,

Today has been fun!

I love the summer holidays (don't tell the girls) but having them around is so much more fun than when they are at school - this could well be that they are teenagers now of course ............

Today was spent at the park, then having coffee, a salad for lunch, then the afternoon in the garden and out for dinner - it doesn't get better does it!

Mia stole my new denim shorts tonight - which is a sure sign that they are fabulous

I know it is super hot out, but my fingers are firmly on the A/W pulse and I am thinking ahead as I know that this weather is not going to last. The best pieces always sell out fast you know ;)

Zara have some stunning transitional pieces that I wanted to share with you x

This is the same shape as the Fish Print S/S Tulip Dress - Jewelled Collar Dress £69.99 - Zara

Zara Coat with Sleeve Detail £129

Zara Gathered Shoulder Coat £119.00

Lace Dress with Feather Skirt - £89.99

Zara Animal Print Jeans £39.99

Tonight, Jools Wore, Cap Sleeve T Shirt Dress - Toppers = a bargainous £20!


Mezze - YUMMMM!

after a couple of these ...........

the look was more - this!!!

and ended like this!

Tomorrow I may well have reveals to err ..... reveal!

Now where did I put the Advil .......

Thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

I agree it's all about AW baby! My mind has been wandering the last week or so to a happy scarf, cardi filled place. These dreams often involve tweed too?? Loving the Zara animal print jeans & feather dress. X