Friday, 24 August 2012

DIY SOS ......................... !!!!

Hi Lovelies,

A slapped wrist for me for not blogging for a couple of days but I do have THE best excuse.

PC decided that as he was on holiday he would hire a sander to strip the wooden floors at home (this makes up pretty much the entire ground floor except for the kitchen and study)

Well the mess is unimaginable! and the more mess he creates, the happier he seems ........ should I be worried by this?!

So the dust is so bad you cannot actually tell what colours our walls should be just now - but the last of the sanding 'should' be finished this morning so I may at some point be able to leave the sanctuary of the bedroom and it has meant we even had to disable the internet hub - which has of course been the worst part about it ...................... can you send supplies, oh and maybe some Percy Pigs please !!

So that is what has been happening here!

We had a great night out last night with my cousin and her husband (who looked very lovely in a new Topshop dress (my cousin that is, not her husband!) We went out for dinner and a cheeky cocktail or two!

Jools wore

 a black silk dress with silver pocket zips that I picked up in H&M for £24.99

 with Crystal shoes from Zara and my Chanel Mini

oh and there is a new member to my little Clic family to tell you about!

Black Hermes Clic Bangle - loving it muchly!

I am very much looking forward to seeing my friend Ness this evening - it has been far too long

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thanks for reading x


Anonymous said...

Great blog Jools, looking fab as usual. I am loving the outfit. Percy pigs mmm. I sympathise with the dust situation. At least the end is in sight and you are back on line. Woohoo. The Hermes click bangles are divine. Have a great time catching up with your friend Ness. I am off to the Matthew street festival, going to catch a few tribute bands. I hope the weather is kind. Now the question is - what to wear?? Have a great weekend. Shazney Spence xx

Jools said...

Thankyou darling. You never need any assistance in what to wear - you even look fab working out! Now what time is Ricky picking you up to take you to the festival ........... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jools. Am very excited to get a mention on your blog! Still unsure about the shoulder pads tho!! Lol don't worry it will all be worth it when you finally achieve those glossy walnut floors. :)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I wonder if H&M have that dress online, I love it! Oh and can PC come and do my floors? Sadly mine is everywhere downstairs, even the bloody kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Love your hair Jools - have you had it cut? Love that dress too! As for the clics - divine! Do they come in different sizes? I have such child sized wrists and most bangles fall off! Sympathies re the dust! PBx

Jools said...

I loved the shoulder pads, and you looked stunning in it. Thanks for a lovely night, lets do it again soon :) xx

Jools said...

I can look out for it for you honey and pick one up? Just let me know - oh gosh, kitchen too - that makes me feel abit better lol - I know it will be lovely when its done, just the in etween bits :D x

Jools said...

Aww thanks Poppy, no I just had it curled under so it looked shorter. The clic comes in a PM size which is comically small - literally tiny so it would be perfect for you honey :) xx