Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A complete Birthday Surprise!!!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Today has been so BUSY! I am super tired, but we have had a really good day. It was our daughters 17th birthday today. 

We completely surprised Elli-Rose this morning when she opened the front door ...............

She really did not have a clue and she burst into tears .............

oh to be 17 again!!!!

Tonight was Elli's choice of dinner venue - it was TGI's lol!! Great cocktails though,
and so nice to have her family and friends together :)

Jools Wore YSL Pink Lipstick & L'oreal EyeLiner

Leather & Lace Zara Top

Miu Miu Swallow Print Shoes

 House of Harlow Feather Print Silk Jacket

and Zara Panelled Jeans

I am a lucky girl!! Happy Birthday Honey x

Oh, and before I forget ..... Browns Fashion got back to me today with the prices for
the two Hermes Vintage bags - I hope you are sitting down .............

The red Mini leather Kelly was £10,000

The Croc Kelly is £24,000!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, WHO would pay this ............. ?

Thanks for reading x


Michelle said...

Ooh what a fabo surprise. Glad to hear the birthday went well. You look lovely, I love the Zara top! PS Did Jared deliver the car:) Well done JC and PC!

Jools said...

Thankyou lovely lady :) Yes she had a great day. And Jared just let us down :D x