Wednesday, 15 August 2012

In a Lather over Leather .........

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Wednesday.

Today has been good, helped greatly by the knowledge that from tonight the husband has two weeks holiday from work, so we are all happy and planning some fun things to do.

I am loving Celebrity Big Brother already, I think it is going to be compulsive viewing!

Readers, I am in love with a Skirt I have seen from Preen. It is devine!!

Quilted Leather Pencil Skirt - Preen £525

You can see lots more pictures of it HERE!!!!

It fills my Pencil Skirt fetish that has consumed me since I saw the Burberry A/W collection
AND it is leather so will be destruction proof!

I am also in love with this one!

 Black Leather Pencil Skirt  - Asos £90

and I am in completely in love with these two items too - HELP ME!!!!!

Stretch Leather Trousers - Zara £239

Now, I have never been a fan of leather trousers before. They are a little bit too Bon Jovi or Mid-Life Crisis rock star for me to be honest. But I fondled these in Zara the other day and they are real leather but with a complete stretch! I really, really want to try them on to see if I could make them work with a long line blazer and some ankle boots.

and they would totally work with THIS (which I want sooooooo much!!!)

Coat with Quilted Leather Sleeves - also Zara £139

Please can I have them ALL?

and would you wear leather on a skirt or trousers? Let me know your thoughts x

Thanks for reading

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Urban Butterfly said...

Wow, you need it all! I love a leather skirt, i know my tan one will be out again this Autumn. See another reson why Autumn rocks!!!