Tuesday, 30 October 2012

After the decadence - a nice High Street Blog Post Today!

Hi Lovelies,

We went to a very wet cold and rainy Brighton. But atleast that meant there were some available spaces in the car park which you never get in the summer months!

51 Shades of Grey

We went to a Vegetarian Restaurant for Lunch - Food for Friends :)

It was dark by 5 and walking down the lanes looking in the stores did make it feel
a little bit Christmassy!

There are a few little things that I like just now.

I fell completely for the Balmain Embellished Trousers but could
not even begin to think about a pair of trousers that cost over £4k!

Balmain Embellished Velvet Pants £4045!

But these beauties give the baroque look for a lot less bucks!

Premium Embroidered Skinny Jeans Topshop £85

and I adore this dress (would look nice with my new bag - have I mentioned it today heheehee!!)

Pocket Dress with Crystal Flower Collar - Sister Jane at Asos £82

Pearl Collar Blouse (available in Navy & Cream) £30

and these are as cute as can be!

 Aura Suede Boots with Curved Heel £55

Have you seen anything fabulous this week

Thanks for reading xx

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