Thursday, 17 January 2013

Excitedly waiting for the snow - with wooly tights!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Snow has been forecast for us - either overnight or tomorrow at the latest, so I keep popping my head outside to take a look!

Today was nice, I spent time with Mum and ordered lots of 120 denier super thick tights for the girls for school/college so that they don't feel the cold next week! (Topshop does the best black super denier ones FYI if you are looking for warm ones yourself!) I also think my new Parka is going to get lots of wear over the next few days!

I adore proper wooly tights. They remind me of being at school and wearing my navy cable knit ones! I loved them so much but they never used to have lycra in them, so by lunchtime the knees were so baggy - but I really didn't care!

so I ordered these to try

Wine Modal Ribbed Tights Topshop - now £5

 I thought they would look very lovely with this dress,
I am a total sucker for a striped dress - especially with sleeves because it could be worn now!

Maroon & Black 3/4 Sleeve Contrast Dress - Zara £49.99

Rochelle from the Saturdays loves it too!

I would like to be wearing the dress, the wooly tights and a pair of black ankle boots right now please

I love ALL of these dresses!
All have sleeves so that you can wear straight away by layering up with tights, and then wear right though to warmer weather ......

Midi Dress with Embroidered Sleeves - Asos £60

it is also available in Black

Boutique Dress with Contrast Collar and Cuffs - by Pop available at Asos £30

Scallop Edged Shift Dress - Topshop £46

Pencil Dress with Collar and 3/4 Sleeve detailing - also Asos £40

Darling readers, RED is on my mind alot of the time just now.
And not just because Valentines is coming soon!
Specifically speaking - RED bags.

Red is really the only colour bag that I don't have and would still love to own
I feel like I have been looking for the perfect red bag for ever.
In fact I have been boring my friends with the perfect red bag conversation for years!

I always wanted a Chanel Red Flap but A. They are so expensive and B. it is so hard to find a true red.

I want a real lipstick red bag that will brighten up even the blackest of outfits (which yes, I wear a lot!!)

So how lovely are these - and how gorge would they look with the black dresses above!

More importantly - which would you choose if you could have just one ??

I showed you this one last week, and it looks to be a beautiful red
It should be available from Mulberry very shortly

Mulberry Valentine Alexa in Glossy Goat Leather


The Givenchy Antigona

I adore this bag more and more - I love the simplicity of the design with the gorgeous flap and hardware

I love Miranda Kerr Rocking hers in the black.
This beauty comes in glossy and matt leather versions in the Red
I am loving my Mulberry Del Rey
so I know this size and style would totally work for me!

Balenciaga do a stunning red
BUT I do have some Balenciaga in black already

Balenciaga Town with Giant Hardware

or  lastly

the YSL Cabas Chyc

Which one grabs you the most - please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

It's all about red for me too right now, red shoes red headscarf! Now I want a red bag. Got to be the YSL love the shape x

Michelle said...

I've never really wanted a red bag, but OMG the Red Givenchy takes my breath away!!!!

Jools said...

I could see you rocking the YSL honey - its got a vintage vibe to it :)

Jools said...

Me too M, really hope I get to check the G out in person soon - I adore it!! :)

silkpathdiary said...

You read my mind, I snapped up a red bag - only my second one a couple of weeks ago! I have always been afraid of red bags and avoided them - even a tiny one. You're so right about finding the perfect shade.
I do love the G but read it can be pretty heavy so would go for the YSL. Good luck - can't wait to see which you choose!