Monday, 21 January 2013

Just another average day in Beyonce world .......

Hi Lovelies!

Today President Obama attended a Beyonce Concert in Washington ................ 

Heeheeee, ok, so technically she was singing at the closing ceremony of Obama's second inauguration at the White House, but let's be honest, we were more interested in Beyonce!

She sung the National Anthem of the United States, Star Spangled Banner to an estimated audience of 700,000 in Washington DC

Beyonce wore a black floor length Emilio Pucci Gown, beautiful jade green ring & earrings
 and she covered up with a Dior coat

Escorted by a very proud Jay-Z

with the First Lady

What a woman! She truly does give goosebumps!

Thanks for reading x


Paul C said...

What a beautiful green ring on Beyonce's finger, but has anyone else noticed it has gone missing after she shakes hands with the President...Always check your rings after shaking hands with a politician, even the President of the USA, perhaps it will fill the budget gap.

Jools said...

Well maybe Obama thought that if you like it then you should have put a ring on it!!!!