Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jeanius ............ The Hudson Leeloo

Hi Lovelies,

The snow fell all day today, which made today's decision of what to do with Sunday super easy - we didn't leave the house! 

Shall we talk Jeans!

If you work from home, are a Mummy, or are lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to the office or workplace, they are probably a huge part of your staple wardrobe.

I definitely spend around 80% of my time in jeans. I usually pair them with a pretty top or a smarter blouse, but they are definitely a really important part of my wardrobe.

So, do you spend serious money on buying a couple of pairs of designer jeans, and believe the hype that the fit is exceptional and they will lift you in every place they promise to, or do you spend less, and buy from the High Street where you may have to try on a fair few pairs to get it right, but they are reasonably priced?

I like True Religion and Diesel jeans, but oddly, their skinny fit versions never work for me anywhere near as well as the Leigh Skinnies from Topshop do. Zara jeans also always seem to fit well - but do they last as long as a pair of high end jeans. Is it a false economy to buy maybe 3 pairs of cheaper jeans when you could buy a pair that may last you for much longer, and keep their shape better? What camp do you fall in to?

Jeans are also the one item that is so hit and miss if purchasing online. Yes sure, they look amazing on every model in the pictures - but they are 5ft 11" and a sample size - so that does not always translate into the real world girl.

So when I first saw tuxedo jeans start to appear last year, I promised myself I would not get too caught up in the hype until it was clear that they were not just having a fashion moment. They are dubbed Tuxedo, or colour block because they have the classic trim down the side, based on the original silk side panelled tuxedo pant.

I wanted to believe all the hype! That the colour block panelling down the side of the jeans WILL make my legs look longer and I will appear magically taller, but at around £230 a pair - I wanted more proof!

Rag and Bone have bought out a pair, as have Current Elliott - but by far the most photographed and loved are the Hudson Leeloo Colour block Jeans - which have the contrasting waistband and side panel.
They are also cropped, which means they would be full length on Jools!

They are available in black with the side panel in Leather

as seen on Kristen Stewart

In Bordeaux

as modelled beautifully by Olivia Palermo

in Khaki Green


Its Olivia again - now that's just greedy!

My favourite colour is blue - so I am most drawn to these ones

Blue My Mind!

as modelled by the gorgeous Jessica Alba

Singer Ellie Goulding

and Anna Friel

Steel grey

The ad campaign was headed up by Georgia May Jagger
she wore the bone coloured ones

I am also loving the bright orange striped version!

If you adore the look but are not sure you want to pay 'quite' that much to get the look
then check out this equally gorgeous pair from Karen Millen (also available at Asos)

Karen Millen Contrast Side Jeans £75

or perhaps these

Skinny Jeans with Gold Chain side detailing - Asos £40

What do you think of them? As always I love to hear your thoughts

Thanks for reading x


Michelle said...

Evening Jools..I'd pay the $$$ if they would make my legs look longer!!!!

Jools said...

So true M, its got to make them worth every buck ......... !!!!