Friday, 4 January 2013

oh hello there Lovers !!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Well it was the final day of the school Christmas holidays today. It has been so nice but everything has to go back to normal eventually!!

Sssssh, don't tell anybody, but I have been naughty ......

in fact, scrap that - I have been really naughty!!!

very beautiful Mulberry Oak Bayswater with Union Jack Plaque
Christian Louboutin Diplonana Ankle Boots (120cm Heel)

That is pretty much perfection right there !!!!

I am going to be good now.

Thanks for looking!


Miss Nadia-Naz said...

Woohoo! Love love love the bays! If you need anyone to break it in for you, I'm your gal ;)

And do not start me on those Loubs! Jesus! If I could wear heels id be in your closet asap! Stunning! Saw them the other day and the detail is perfection!

Now lets go for a dry January ;) in it together hehehe X

Jools said...

Thankyou darling Nads - yes - lets attempt to be good for the rest of Jan - err can we sleep right thru til February ????? :) xx

Michelle said...

I was looking at those Loubies and thinking I wish I could walk in those babies. Gorgeous! And that bag is divine also. Dry Jan for sure:)

Urban Butterfly said...

Well you can't have new shoes without a new handbag now can you ; ) x

Jenny B. said...

Oh Jools, your entries and instagram pics always drive me into shopping mode. This one is no exception. Being naughty is good especially if it means two new GORGEOUS beauties that fit right into your closet. Love the texture of the Loubs and that Union Jack plaque on the Mulberry is such a whimsical touch of detail. Beautiful purchases (as always).

Happy New Year dear Jools!

And thank you for your kind support and words on my little fashion discovery.

Jools said...

Thanks so much Jenny. How could I resist them!!! :)

Aww it was a pleasure - you look so pretty in your pics. I have only recently found your blog - you have some of the most incredible designer bags - a perfect collection and you put your outfits together beautifully :) x

Lorien said...

Oh wow those Loubies have me at my knees. They are so sexy! ...glad you finally got the union flag Bayswater - I remember tweeting about it with you months ago when it first launched. You have that, I have the union flag pouch - perfect! x