Monday, 11 February 2013

Good things come to the patient!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Patience is NOT my forte. In fact it is safe to say that I take impatience to another level. But sometimes of course, you have to wait for things (darn it!) and in this case it definitely paid to!

Let me set the scene! I have been coveting a particular pair of Current Elliott jeans for months. They are gorgeous and I thought about alot of things they would look good with that I already own (see, they are already saving money ..........)

I first saw them on the ASOS site. They are a special edition, lace tuxedo pair, but at £245 and with ASOS often reducing items, I thought I would pop them in my want list and keep my eye on them.

So, these lush jeans have sat in my wish-list at ASOS HERE!! 

I also found them at House of Fraser online, where they are £255! (you can see them HERE!)

I have waited, and waited, and I waited some more ............ but nobody reduced them and they didn't go into any of the sales ( and they were selling fast at full price).
So I reconciled myself that if I wanted a pair of jeans this fabulous I was going to have to pay the full price (my little Loubie shoe boots were ready and waiting for them)

These are the object of my desire - Current Elliott Rolled Skinny Jeans with lace Tux

So then my little Miracle happened.
I knew that the jeans were a lot cheaper in the US ($255 instead of £255) so I thought I would do a final search.

I found them at Shopbop in the final sale for £48.95!!!!

They still have a few pairs available HERE!!!

Now because it is final sale they cannot be returned, but I knew that these jeans fit totally
to size as I had a plain pair in this style already - so I went for it and grabbed them.

3 days later, they are here and PERFECT!!!! Shipping was $10 and I just had to pay the customs on the reduced cost, literally saving £200 on the price I would have to pay in the UK.

I love it when a plan comes together and I absolutely cannot wait to wear them.

Have you ever waited for something and it worked out amazingly in the end?
I was so worried after all the waiting that they would be a disappointment - but they really are fab!

Thanks for reading x


Kassie Barker Jones said...

I have been trawling through your blog all evening, you have some lovely pieces and I am ever so slightly jealous! I love this, so jealous as well. They are beautiful. I have been crushing over the new Mary Katrantzou collaboration with C/E and I want it all! I did a post on it if you fancy a look. But although that sounds like a follow for follow, it wasn't. I can just tell you are an expensive lover like myself! I was just commenting to say, I will be following once I have finished looking through your posts. Your blog is fabulous!

Kassie xo

Jools Cockayne said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments Kassie. I am going to check out your blog :) x