Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pretty High Street pieces and newly released Mulberry bags!

Good Evening Lovelies,

11 of the 20 students (and one of the tutors) that are part of Elli's trip have come down with what the doctor suspects is Norovirus :( What a horrid thing to happen to young girls and guys that are only in NYC for 5 days).  They are so sick they cannot leave the hotel and have all had to be seen by the doctor.

At the moment Elli is fine, but most of her friends have been affected and we are just hoping that she is going to be ok. She hates being sick and she is so far from home .............. being a parent is hard work lol. I miss her so much.

Last night was dreadful too, my mum's beautiful cat was hit by a car and we had to take her to the emergency vets where sadly they could do nothing to save her. It is safe to say we have had better weeks.

So the only thing to do is to show you pretty pictures! Some more of the Spring/Summer Mulberry bags  arrived in store yesterday (including the Willow). The Willow is not going to be available on line, but it is in London stores now. What do you think?

The first thing you will notice about ALL the prices for S/S are that they are HIGH!
With the Willow clutch starting at £795 and going up to £2350 for a tote in Calf and Ostrich

I adore the cut out flower Tote - so cute

it is also available in Navy

Mulberry Cut Out Flower Tote - £1150

This is the oversized Mulberry Cecily Tote with Flower in Light Berry Cream Gloss £1500

and is also available in black

If the high prices are making you feel a little giddy, I can bring you nicely back down to earth!
I picked up this beauty of an evening box clutch from Oasis

Box Clutch with Gold Chain - £30 Oasis

and it looks so pretty with my new Zara Heels

and also from Oasis - I picked up this pretty crochet collar at the same time
for £6 in the sale (still available online)

Many thanks for the messages I got about the Current Elliott Jeans
I am very pleased that a couple of ladies read the blog and have also now bagged some - I wore them today and love them. It is so great to be able to pass along a great deal!

So, are the Mulberry Bags tempting any of you - and I would love to hear about any Valentines Plans you might have.

Before I go, I have to leave you with this brilliant picture of my style crush Claudia Winkleman at
the Elle Style Awards last night!

Just because - well, WE HAVE ALL BEEN HERE BEFORE!!

OUCH!!! I hope she took some Nurofen before bed ..........

Thanks for reading - I really appreciate it x


Michelle said...

Very sorry to hear about your mum's cat. Please give her my love. And I hope Elli is ok. Sending you a hug...M

Jools said...

Thank you darling M :) xxxx