Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Birthday Suit ........... !!!

Hi Lovelies,

Well, normal weather resumed today - back to wearing a jacket (none of us had really put them away had we!) Aww we had a good run - 3 nice days in a row is usually our entire summer!

Regular readers of my blog know that I love to champion the High Street.
Yes of course I adore designer bags and shoes (OK, and accessories) but I am a huge fan of the outfit being non designer to mix things up. I also get bored with clothes a lot quicker than bags and shoes so it does not make for a good investment.

But it is my birthday next month and that is a legitimate excuse to buy something pretty special that I can then wear again though out the summer.

Every birthday I buy one special dress, and more often than not it is by Vivienne Westwood.

Well this years search did not take long!

The moment I saw this dress it was that heart pounding, lovely feeling that you get when you just "know" you are in love - and that feeling of loving everything about it does not happen every day.



The print on every dress will vary slightly - I would like a busy patterned one!!!

Vivienne Westwood Antionette Botanical Print Dress

This dress is selling FAST as only small quantities were made

I absolutely adore it and hope you do too

Thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

I can see why you fell in love with this. It will look lovely on you. I also think you can get some wear out of it too. X