Saturday, 11 May 2013

SNS Nail System & Gatsby Style

Hi Lovelies,

I tried a new nail gel system this week and it is pretty incredible!

SNS (Signature Nail Systems) have created a gel that is as fine as your own nail and completely natural, organic and odour free - BUT it is claimed it is stronger than any other gel currently on the market.

A clear laquer is applied to your nail and then you dip your fingernail into a pot of coloured powder and then tap the residue off. Another clear laquer is applied and it is then popped back in the pot where the powder coats it again! Genius! and no heat lamp or anything, just a completely natural and healthy way of looking after your nails and it promises to last up to 21 days (I will keep you posted on that one!)

Lots of colours are available - you just have the gel infilled as it does not lift off like
a traditional gel nail.

I tried the red - it is super shiny!

Check if your local salons are doing it yet - it is a really cool new way of having a gel manicure

Now that the sun is starting to shine, it makes us think about lovely summer evenings spent outside.
This brings its own problems of what do do with our bags though!
Sticky garden tables and outside area's and expensive bags do not go well together.

So, when I saw these very gorgeous clutch bags from H&M I thought they were the perfect solution!

Yes, they are inspired by Valentino for sure! But I was surprised by how well made they are.

The Black comes with Silver Hardware

and the green comes with Gold

They are 100% Suede and priced at £34.99 each from H&M
So they are a really great buy and you won't worry about taking them out!

Or you could of course pay between £1300 and £4500 for the Valentino version .....

Gatsby Mania is going to sweep the country next week finally with the release of the Great Gatsby.
The pictures of the gorgeous Carey Mulligan and her amazing hairstyles are sending me giddy.
I am not even going to mention the 40 Prada outfits that were designer for her for the movie!

Tiffany have launched the most incredible jewelled head pieces and jewellery.
Carey said that there was a security guard on set the entire time she was filming.

Well, if your lottery numbers come up this week, you could purchase the offical Tiffany ones!
The diamond Tiffany Gastby Collection hair piece is a cool £150 thousand pounds!

But, on the off-chance that our numbers do not come up, Jools has some alternatives for you
that will give you the look without breaking the bank!

Flapper Hair Band - ASOS £15

Hair Slide Set - Oasis at ASOS £5

20's Feathered Hair Band - ASOS £15

Double Stone Hair Brooches - ASOS £6

Limited Edition Jewel Hair Brooch - ASOS now £4.80

Johnnie Loves Rosie Sunshine Hair Clip - £10

Also check out Debenham's, who have lots of hair pieces in a similar style.
I hope I have encouraged you to try the trend for a reasonable price!

Thanks for reading xx


schoolgatestyle said...

Wow - that nail system looks AMAZING! Will be checking back to see how you get on with it over the next couple of weeks. Gorgeous colour and so shiny! Also, thanks for the tip off about the H&M bags. They are amazing. Ax

schoolgatestyle said...

Hmmmm...amazing seems a popular word with me tonight...haha! x

Jools Cockayne said...

Amazing is one of my favourite words lol!!!! :)