Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Skorting around the issue!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

I hope your week has been happy so far.
We are in the grips of exams Chez Cockayne so it has been a little bit stressy - but can you believe it is half term again this Friday - I swear they are on holiday much more than when we were younger!!! Oh well, at least we have another Bank Holiday to look forward to on Monday. 

Blue is definitely one of my favourite colours, and this week I have fallen for these cute little Topshop Dresses - Topshop also happen to be offering free shipping on every order over £30 just now - well, every little helps right!!

This one is such an easy to wear style, as it is just a pull over the head style

You could size down in this one for a slightly more fitted look

Capped Sleeve Blue Lace Effect Dress - £35 Topshop

And I am a complete sucker for a smock effect on a dress - so I was sold on this little cutie too

Cornflower Blue Embroidered Hem Dress - £46 Topshop

and while we are confessing - I managed to grab one of these sweatshirts from ASOS.
This piece sold out immediately - it is not hard to see where the inspiration came from!

You may well recognise the colours from the Acne S/S 2013 campaign!

I love the colours together and this is probably even easier to wear than the Acne Jacket

Lavish Alice Sweatshirt with Stripe Sleeves - £38 ASOS

and what could you wear with it?


by far the biggest selling piece for S/S for Zara has been this Origami Skort

Now when is a skirt not a Skirt?

Well when it is a skort lol! It looks like a skirt, but gives you the security of a pair of shorts.
The Skort is available in Ecru, Cobalt Blue and Black and as soon as it comes in, they are stripped off of the shelves immediately.

Now, I adore the concept, a smart looking, easy to wear, directional piece at
a great price.

This is the Zara skort in question

Asymmetric Wrap Skort - £25.99 Zara

In the interest of research, Jools ordered it in the blue
Forget what size you usually are in Zara - this is designed to be worn slightly loose so it hangs nonchalantly off of the waist (it also makes it slightly longer!)

I have loved how other bloggers and stylists have been wearing it

what do you think? Would you give it a whirl!!

and lastly today. How lovely does Kate look!
She was attending the Queen's annual Garden Party and you can see that her gorgeous bump is coming on beautifully - especially from the side view.

She wore a Marella Silk yellow coat dress by Emilia Wickstead

Thanks for reading xx

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Michelle said...

Love the Lavish Alice top. I bought the one with snakeskin sleeves.Love also the skort, but there's no way I could pull it off:)