Sunday, 19 May 2013

The madness of Cannes continues ..........

Hello lovelies,

This has surely got to be one of the weirdest Cannes Film Festivals ever.

A million dollars worth of Chopard jewellery was stolen from an employee of Chopard who was staying in a Novotel hotel in Cannes. Police suspect it to be an inside job - err you do not have to be Sherlock to work that one out!!

And then Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained) was involved in a Gun and Grenade Drama by some crazy guy that started firing a gun while Christoph was being interviewed, claiming that he also had a grenade. Luckily they were found to be blanks, but still an incredibly scary experience.

But we must save our biggest sympathies for "poor" Eva Longaria ...........

Yes indeed, the poor wee scone had THIS many people fawning over her

but not a single one of them apparently could remind her to put on a pair of pants ..............

Sigh, it appears the Desperate Housewife actress really is now so "desperate" to grab the headlines that she will stoop this low.
 It is pretty sad. Hair Extensions Check, Eyelash Extensions Check, Fake Tan Check, Jewellery Check, Underwear .............. oh darn it !!!

Somebody who got it totally right was the incredibly gorgeous Jessica Biel.

Being Mrs Timberlake just isn't quite enough - nope, she has to go and look this good
on the Cannes red carpet.

She was dressed by Marchesa
Look and Learn Eva - Look and Learn ...............

with the most incredible pale pink dipped feather detailing underneath

and of course a statement piece of jewellery!

but really, who noticed what accessories you carry when you get to wear this on your arm !

and Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban showed no signs of the honeymoon period being over!
(kind of cute or kind of try to hard ....... you decide!)

She wore L'Wren Scott (aka Mick Jagger's Partner!)

Sigh, all these Diamonds and Jewels have gone straight to my head!

If you want to experience a tiny bit of bling and glamour without the price tag,
ASOS have again come to our rescue!

These pretties dropped this weekend and are very purse friendly

Tear Drop Jewelled Earrings - £6 ASOS

Jewelled Cross Headband - £15 ASOS

Turquoise Tear Drop Earrings - £6 ASOS

Sequinned Bead Headband - £8 ASOS

See, we might now all be able to go and play in Canne, but we can all look like princesses.

I hope you have had a fabulous weekend

Thanks for reading xx

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Urban Butterfly said...

It literally was lady gate!