Monday, 24 June 2013

Cocktails and Dreamy Accessories ! .......

Hi Lovelies,

Well the weather for summer might not be here, but we still had a fabulous weekend.

We wanted to see Man of Steel so we went to the Everyman Cinema - so so so cool and gives going to the Movies a real sense of occasion.
It is very much like a Theatre Set up - you have a cocktail bar to chill in before the Movie which is never a bad thing. The cocktail of the week was The Kryptonite Cocktail (what else!) and you can then take a bottle of wine and Pizza in to watch the movie - each sofa (with cushions) has a little table with a wine holder under it - tres chic!

of course Alcohol and Movies can create problems for some - cue some hysterical scenes when the 3 people in front of us got so drunk that one of them fell over and fell headfirst towards the screen - absolute lushes - but very funny to witness! I had tears rolling down my face when after the 3rd time she went out to the toilets she went flying again ...... I would definitely not want to have her hangover today.

We also went out for a family dinner on Friday

Jools Wore a Dipped Hem Cobalt Blue Dress from good old Topshop

I was very well behaved in the Sales. I only ordered a couple of things from Topshop - both of which turned out to be rubbish and are going back!

On Saturday I wore this beautiful little Hermes Necklace
You see - Accessories NEVER let you down and are always a great buy!

and speaking of accessories

If you love the look of the Chanel Pearl Rim Sunglasses but do not love the price tag
ASOS have come up with a brilliant alternative .......

These are the Chanel Ones

But just look at how much fun these little beauties are!

Round Sunglasses with Pearl Highbrow - ASOS £18

and lastly,
and YES, I know it is Summer - but these have come in store today.

Uh Oh, there goes that heart pounding feeling again .............
I "need" these sooooooo much!!!!

Valentino Rockstud Leather Gloves - £280

I would love to hear from you if you had good luck in the Sales.

Thanks for reading xxx

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