Thursday, 25 July 2013

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour ..............

Hi Lovelies,

Mia is home from Berlin and School Holidays have finally begun Chez Jools. The weather has been beautiful too, so everything is fabulous.

Lots of A/W pieces are filtering into stores and online now. They look so crisp and fresh and modern - but come on - who can seriously even think about their Autumn/Winter wardrobe when we have forgotten what it feels like to even put a pair of jeans on!!!!

My red obsession for accessories is still out of control. I think I might need to go to Rouge Rehab. I cant help it though - for somebody who wears a fair bit of black - this just gives me a great pop of colour. So below is one item for A/W that I can get into and appreciate now!

I am delighted to introduce you to my lovely new bag.

The Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

In Rouge Red

It is a big bag - there is nothing that is not going to fit in this baby!

Inside is beautiful red suede

It does of course has a look of the Hermes Birkin and Prada Saffiano

Cameron Diaz & Kate Moss rocking their Sac De Jour's

They are both blessed with height of course! - so it looks larger on me, but I love it

I am looking forward to filling it up and using it so that it starts to slouch slightly and look used and slightly less square!

Oh Dear ........ the grey is very beautiful too!

This is the Prada Saffiano

and here is the Hermes Birkin!

All such great Totes - but the SL has atleast cured my need for a Hermes Birkin.

Thanks for looking xxx


Urban Butterfly said...

You can't beat a good tote, classic!

ASH said...

Love that bag! x