Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Jackie Kennedy has inspired my Christmas Look!

Hi Lovelies

Gulp, just one month until Christmas now. I am so excited, but need to get a little bit of a wiggle on when it comes to Christmas Presents!

Elli had one of her Christmas Presents come early on Saturday when she had a meet and greet with the God that is Jared Leto! Cue two very very happy daughters as Mia went up to London too to watch them in concert at the 02. Christmas is all about making memories - and she is so in love with 30 Seconds to Mars, that it doesn't get much better for her!

I have been watching lots of footage and programmes on The Kennedys in the last week. The 50th year anniversary of JFKs death piqued everybody's interest - I watched the HBC Mini Series The Kennedys - Katie Holmes for me was fantastically cast as Jackie Kennedy - and subconsciously it has influenced the looks that I have chosen for some Christmas events that are coming up.

It was such a glamourous time to be growing up in - the focus was firmly on amazing quality lace, tiny detailing and bows, and lots of gorgeous thick Duchesse Satin. And always, of course - with gloves!

There are no large Christmas parties going on this year for Jools, instead we have lovely intimate catch up dinners with friends - which means that a big party look is out - but it also means I can try things that I can wear again. Remember, a dress is for life - not just for Christmas !!!!!

So these are the pieces that I have ordered

Gorgeous detailing to the front and back - it is also available in Nude
It is a stiff fabric that should keep its shape

Navy Duchess Satin Premium Dress - Topshop £70

with a pop of yellow to bring out the blue of the dress

Yellow Stone Flower Necklace - Topshop £14.50

I adore this Faux Fur Capelette - there is never any excuse to wear real fur when
this Faux Jacket looks so good :)

Pelted FAUX Fur Capelette - Topshop £68

and I found this little beauty online

I love the fitted top and the full skirt

I love Black with Red.
 I will bring out the black lining more by carrying a black satin clutch and black sandals
and I think the Capelette will work with this dress too.

Full Skirt Lace Dress - Definitions at Very - reduced to £55

They should be delivered tomorrow, so I am excited to see if they work.
I will let you know!

I am in a glam mood now - pass the red lipstick over !

Thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

I love these Topshop dresses, great shape!