Monday, 18 November 2013

When Size Really Matters ………..

Hi Lovelies,

Well the temperature is definitely dropping. My wooly hat has come out and my scarf has now become as important as my phone and keys when I leave the house! 

A throw-away comment, made by a very gorgeous twitter friend this morning got me thinking about numbers!

I managed to get my glorious Isabel Marant Dress and it is adorable and she asked me what the sizing was like as she loves it too and would like to try and get one.

When I advised her to go up at least one size bigger than she normally would at the very least - and up to 2 sizes if possible as there is absolutely no give in this particular silk dress - she said that it would stop her buying the dress as she wouldn't be happy with the label.

Now, I totally get that - if anything stores should focus on vanity sizing and make things more generous than they should be! But I think anybody that has ever purchased from a H&M Collaboration knows immediately that the clothes are going to be tiny - and so we can in reality ignore the size of the label - it is not your true size and so that makes it really not an issue for me. It's like a trip to Zara - you really wouldn't want to be doing that on a day when you are not feeling great about yourself!

Is it the same if we have to size down - do we really believe we have suddenly become an XS because oversize is the look of the season?!

Has a label size ever stopped you purchasing anything? Or have you perhaps ever bought something that you don't really like - simply because the label has a tiny size in it! Come on - be honest ……… !

Another great friend of mine has an oversized coat that is a Size 8 - every time she wears it - she will ensure that the label is showing over her seat so that everybody can see! Its funny and quirky and makes me smile - but does it go deeper than that - and have we become so obsessed with a digit that it determines how we feel and what we purchase? Other friends cut tags out of their clothes if they are not the size they want them to be - as though by doing that, they can eradicate what the dress size is - should it really matter? 
I have clothes in an 8 (I'm not an 8) and now thanks to Isabel Marant I have clothes up to a Size 14 (and I am not a 14 either) is it a maturity thing that makes me think - Im not bothered about what the label says - I care more about how it looks when it is on - the only person that is going to see my label in reality is me - the husband needs to squint to see small digits these days heheheeeeee!

I am genuinely interested and would love to hear from you if size matters to you. Does a Size 8, 10 or 12 or 14 or 16 + REALLY define who you are are????

Here is my lovely new Marant Silk Dress

H&M Isabel Marant Dress

I have a couple of items on my NEED list this week - it is all Topshop's fault too!

I want this evening coat so much - it is going to be perfect over dresses for those Christmas Party outfits - you would make a beautiful entrance in this coat - AND it will keep you warm when you are waiting for the taxi to come at the end of the night!

Daisy Evening Swing Coat - Topshop £89

and I need these shoes!

Nude Ruffle Feather Sandals - Topshop £58

also available in Black!

and I am going to pop these beauties in curled hair for Christmas Evenings out -
a little bit Gatsby, the Babyliss Secret Curl and Hairspray will be out in force!

Rhinestone Flower Comb - Topshop £12.50

Rhinestone Swirl Comb - Topshop £12.50

Thanks for reading xx


Style At Every Age said...

If I had to size up, they probably wouldn't do that size lol! The dress is lovely but I dread to think what you paid for it on ebay, I hate how people do this to make money xx

Jools Cockayne said...

I paid £120 S, plus £6 postage, so its not as awful as some people were asking. If I was to go into London the train or congestion and the day out would have cost me the extra to be honest. I hate that people queue up just to make a profit and make it impossible for people that genuinely love the designer to get the things they want - it sucks x